Texas Instruments Design Contest

COEP bags two awards in ‘Texas Instruments Design Contest’

Two teams from COEP have been selected 16 among 500 and 27 among 500 teams from all over India (including teams from IITs) in Analog Design competition of Texas Instruments.

These teams will be awarded on 6 April at TI Bangalore.



Team selected 16 among 500:


1. Yogesh Palkar      

 2. Pranav Naik 

3. Sanket Naik

4. Rahul Kulkarni


Name of the project:    PC Based storage oscilloscope TY B.Tech, E & TC


Guide: Prof. Mrs. M. A. Joshi



Team selected 27 among 500


1. Mukul Joshi  

2. Rajshree Madri

3. Abhinav Gunjal

4. Shruti Sonawane


 Name of the project: Time based intensity control for energy optimization used for street lighting, TY B.Tech,  Instrumentation & Control Engineering.

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