One of CoEP’s popularly acclaimed teams, Team Nemesis racing has once again created history by winning the much coveted event BAJA SAE 2017.This is their 3rd consecutive win in a row. Overall, they’ve been champions of BAJA SAE five times.

Team Nemesis racing unveiled their ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) in the institute’s mini auditorium on the 9th of February. The chief guest for the ceremony were our institute’s director Dr.B.B.Ahuja. Other dignitaries present for the ceremony were deputy director Dr.B.N.Chaudhari, Dr.C.M.Sewatkar(HOD,Mechanical Engineering Department ),Dr.S.N.Sapali ( Faculty Advisor to team Nemesis racing) and other teaching staff. There was a display of excellent manoeuvrability of the vehicle after the ceremony.

Let us have a look at the tech specs of this winning ATV. It won the title of the second lightest car at BAJA SAE with a weight of 127.5 kg. Kevlar nose and use of composite material contributed to the reduction in weight. With features like custom CVT (Continuously variable transmission, fully customised breaks and steering, fabric suspension seat, the vehicle succeeded in grabbing quite a number of eyeballs everywhere it went. The team managed to achieve 20% weight reduction in suspension and 80% in-house manufacturing which is a laudable feat in itself. Speaking of numbers, the vehicle stood 1st in Endurance without any break-down in the 4 hour race, the fastest of which being raced in 7.07 seconds. They also managed to secure the first place in acceleration for the 6th time-the fastest car with the record of 150 ft. in 5.05 seconds, which amounts to an incredible double hat trick. Other titles endowed upon them were second places each in Raftar, manoeuvrability and sales presentation. Speaking to one of their team members, they reckon that the secret to their success lies in their unceasable team work and dedication. Needless to say, they came off as the overall champions, winning everybody’s hearts and racing ahead of all expectations, quite literally.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

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