CSAT-2 is planned to be a satellite, having dimensions 160 x 160 x 260 mm. The satellite will be divided into three sections- Solar Sail Deployer, Sail Storage and Avionics. Sail deployer will be of ~ 160mm x 160mm x 40mm and ~ 160mm x 160mm x 60mm will be reserved for sail storage. The remaining volume will form Avionics section of the satellite which contains all other components of satellite including Charged Particle Detector, Reaction wheel, three Magnetorquers, 5 PCBs, Batteries.

Sections of satellite

Sections of satellite

Structural Challenges in CSAT2:

    • To stow and deploy four booms of length 4.47 m each.
    • To stow 40 m2 solar sail into a volume of 160mm x 160mm x 60mm.
    • To occupy all the satellite components in a volume of 160mm X 160mm x 260mm.
    • To design and implement deployment mechanisms for solar sail, solar panels and antenna.

Team Lead:

Hrishikesh Dhende (Final Year, Mechanical Engineering)
Email Id:

Team Members:
Jerrin Job (Final Year, Mechanical Engineering)

Ajinkya Hire (Final Year, Metallurgy and Materials Science Engineering)

Mansi Kabade (Third Year, Mechanical Engineering)

Roven Pinto (Third Year, Mechanical Engineering)

Pravin Londhe (Third Year, Mechanical Engineering)

Rohit Patil (Second Year, Mechanical Engineering)

Harshvardhan Patil (Second Year, Metallurgy and Materials Science Engineering)