COEP Street Play team wins MIT AROHAN's DUSTAK event organised on 7th
Jan'16. The team has been winning the MIT AROHAN since it has started.
Heartiest Congratulations to the whole team !!!!!!

There was a tough competition among 22 colleges from 6 regions of
Maharashtra,who had won Purushottam Karandak in their respective region

Title Body Start Date Closing Date
Library, College of Engineering, Pune

Invitation of Quotations for Supplying Print International and National Journals/Magazines for the year Jan-to Dec 2016

06/02/2016 20/02/2016
Department of Civil Engineering

Invitation of Quotation for Earth pressure Transducers.

01/02/2016 12/02/2016
Department of mechanical Engineering.

Tender For Boiler maintanance.

04/02/2016 04/02/2016
College of Engineering Pune

Housekeeping and Security Services at College of Engineering Pune

13/01/2016 20/01/2016
College of Engineering Pune

Invitation of Quotation for auction at COEP

14/01/2016 20/01/2016
Department Of Mechanical Engineering.

Inviation Quotation For Lithiumion battery for sunrisers lab.

08/01/2016 21/01/2016

Preparation of Built-up Area Drawing and Area Statement of Each Building of COEP

01/01/2016 21/01/2016
Vehicle Hiring for COEP.

College of Engineering Pune

16/01/2016 25/01/2016
Garden Items & Transport at COEP

College of Engineering Pune.

16/01/2016 25/01/2016
Library, College of Engineering, Pune

Invitation of quotations for the providing online access of e-resources from various publishers for the year Jan-to Dec 2016.

21/01/2016 27/01/2016

Providing, supplying and installation of Washing machine and Dryer with maintenance for Hostel Campus- COEP.

14/01/2016 28/01/2016
College of Engineering Pune

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Desktop Computer Systems, Workstation Systems, Laptop Systems, Server Systems, Unified Storage Array Solution, Storage Area Network Switch and Private Cloud Software Deployment Solution at COEP

16/01/2016 30/01/2016

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