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I have educational training in Biochemistry and research experience of more than fifteen years in Nano-biotechnology, cell and molecular bioimaging, biosensors and bioengineering. My group is working on multiplexed Biosensors and Diagnostics using Nanotechnology, Biomemetics and Bioengineering approach. The focus is on metabolic diseases, infectious diseases and biological war-fare agents. Another area of interest is to evolve nanotechnology approach for neutraceuticals (phytochemicals) therapy in health and cure. The emphasis is on how an integrated approach of nanotechnology, biomemetics and metabolic engineering can improve the health status and find cure in harmony with nature.
Dr. Anup A. Kale


Adjunct Professor

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+91 7387151289

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+91 20 2550 7645


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Research Experience: 



1) Ph.D. (Biochemistry) from Department of Biochemistry, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, India (under research project by Dr. Rath Research Institute, CA, USA). Topic of the research was ‘Studies on increasing the bioavailability and thereby efficiency of active principles in Green Tea Extract (GTE) (Camellia sinensis) in the treatment of cancer’. Research Supervisor: Prof. Swati Kotwal 2) M.Sc. (Biochemistry)

Teaching Responsibility: 

Science of Living Systems Nanobiotechnology and Bioengineering Environmental Studies


1. Shreeram S. Joglekar, Harish M. Gholap, Prashant S. Alegaonkar, Anup A. Kale*. The interactions between CdTe quantum dots and proteins: understanding nano-bio interface. AIMS Materials Science 2017 4(1) 209-222.

2. Shubha Jain, J V Ramana Reddy, Anup Kale, D Srikanth. Unsteady polar fluid model of blood flow through tapered (omega) shape stenosed artery: Effects of catheter and velocity slip. Accepted in Ain Shams Engineering Journal.

3. Shubha Jain, Anup Kale, J. V. Ramana Reddy, D. Srikanth. Analysis of resistance to the steady flow of blood through tapered overlapping stenosed artery in the presence of catheter and velocity slip. Section: Fluid Dynamics, Paper–25, 4 pages, International Conference on Mathematical Sciences ICMS2014, Sathyabama University, India (ISBN – 978-93-5107-261-

4. Wang Xu, Tae-Hyeong Kim, Duanting Zhai, Jun Cheng Er, Liyun Zhang, Anup A. Kale, Bikram Keshari Agrawalla, Yoon-Kyoung Cho and Young-Tae Chang. Make Caffeine Visible: a Fluorescent Caffeine “Traffic Light” Detector. Scientific reports 2013 (3) 2255 pg 1-7.

5. Anup Kale, Yuping Bao, Ziyou Zhou, Peter E. Prevelige, Arunava Gupta. Directed self-assembly of CdS quantum dots on bacteriophage P22 coat protein templates. Nanotechnology 2013 (24) 045603. (Identified as an article of special interest by the journal.)

6. Anup Kale, Sonia Kale, Haribhau Gholap, Renu Pasricha, Beatrice Hannoyer, Padma Shastry and Satishchandra Ogale. Biocompatible (Fe3O4)CdTe fluorescent-magnetic bifunctional nanoparticles for magnetic separation and bioimaging. Nanotechnology 22(22), 225101 (2011). Selected as IOP Select research highlight: articles having impact on future research.

7. Sonia Kale, Anup Kale, Haribhau Gholap, Abhimanyu Rana, Rama Desai,Satishchandra Ogale, Padma Shastry. Quantum dot bio-conjugate: As a western blot probe for highly sensitive detection of cellular proteins. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 14:732 (2012).

8. ‘Quantum dots sniff out bug’. Published as Research Highlight on Nature website (India), published online 10 February 2011. (doi:10.1038/nindia.2011.20)

9. Srikanya Kundu, Anup A. Kale, Arun.G.Banpurkar, Gauri.R.Kulkarni, Satish.B.Ogale: On the change in bacterial size and magnetosome number/size for Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum (MS1) under high concentrations of Zinc and Nickel. Biomaterials 30 (25) 4211-4218 (2009).

10. Amit Morarka, Shailaja Agrawal, Sonia Kale, Anup Kale, Satish Ogale, Kishore Paknikar and Dhananjay Bodas. Quantum dot based immunosensor using 3D circular microchannels fabricated in PDMS. Biosensensors and Bioelectronics 26(6), 3050-3053 (2011).

11. Anup Kale, Sonia Gawande, Swati Kotwal, Shrirang Netke, M.Waheed.Roomi, Vadim Ivanov, B. Bhanap, Matthias Rath and Aleksandra Niedzwiecki. Regression of MNU- induced mammary tumors in wistar rats by the combination of green tea extract, specific nutrients and quercetin: an intervention study. Oncology Letters 1(2) 313-317 (2010).

12. Anup Kale, Sonia Gawande, Swati Kotwal, Shrirang Netke, Waheed Roomi, Vadim Ivanov, Aleksandra Niedzwiecki and Matthias Rath. Studies on the Effects of oral administration of Nutrient Mixture, Quercetin, and Red Onions on the Bioavailability of Epigallocatechin Gallate from Green Tea Extract. Phytotherapy Research 24(1) S48 - S55 (2009).

13. Anup Kale, Sonia Gawande, Swati Kotwal. Cancer Phytotherapeutics: Role of flavonoids at cellular level. Phytotherapy Research, 22 (5):567-577 (2008).

14. Sonia Gawande, Anup Kale, Swati Kotwal. Effect of Nutrient Mixture and Black Grapes on the pharmacokinetics of orally administered (-) Epigallocatechin-3-gallate from Green Tea Extract: A human study. Phytotherapy Research 22 (6), 802 – 808 (2008).

15. The work on neutraceuticals has culminated in a commercially available health product “Epi-Quercican forte”.

Selected Talks and Presentations

1) Talk on “Nanobiotechnology and Bioengineering: current trends in biomedicine” in National Symposium On Recent Advances in Biological Chemistry at Department of Biochemistry, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur on 30 July 2016.

2) Resource person for National Seminar and Workshop on Nanotechnology: Today and Tomorrow at Jankidevi Bajaj College of Science, Wardha on 28-29 Feb 2016. Topic Synthesis and applications of Biomaterials.

3) Talk on “Nanomaterials based devices in Biomedical Applications” at National Conference on CONVERGENCE OF STEM CELLS AND MEDICAL NANOTECHNOLOGY on 2nd And 3rd September 2015 at D Y Patil University, Kolhapur, India.

4) Talk on “Nanobiotechnology in Diagnostics and Biosensors: Current Scenario and Future Perspective” at Department of Biotechnology, Amravati University (For Teachers training, ASC). 18th Dec, 2014.

5) Talk at 1st National Conference on Biosciences & Health Engineering: Current Scenario. Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, India; BHE 2014 16-17 Jan 2014.

6) Oral presentation at 2nd Nano-Bio-Med Invited conference at Trieste, Italy held during October 12, 2013 to October 19, 2013.

7) Talk on “Nanocrystals in Biosensing and Bioimaging” at Mahatma Jyotiba Phule College, Pimpari, Pune on August 21, 2013.

8) Talk on “Bifunctional nanomaterials in Immunoseparation and bioimaging” at DRDO-BU Center for Life Sciences, Coimbatore on June 14, 2013.

9) Talk on “Exploring Nanocrystals in Life Sciences” at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune on April 8, 2011.

10) Talk at Society of Biological Chemists of India (SBC-I), Nagpur Chapter at University Department of Biochemistry, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, India. (2009).

11) Understanding Nanoparticle-biomolecule Interactions by Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy. Oral presentation at International Symposium, Nanomaterials for Bioimaging and Biosensing, ICMAT & IUMRS-ICA 2009 (28 June - 3 July 2009), Singapore.

12) Fluorescent Quantum Dot Labels for Rapid and Facile Immunodetection of Multiple Proteins. Oral presentation at International Symposium, Nanomaterials for Bioimaging and Biosensing, ICMAT & IUMRS-ICA 2009 (28 June - 3 July 2009), Singapore. -

Book Chapters - Sangeeta Kale, Anup Kale, Sonia Kale, Satishchandra Ogale. “Applications of magnetic nanoparticles in biomedicine” published by American Scientific Publishers (ASP), Chapter 10 in Book “Applications of Nanomaterials” (ISBN: 1-58883-181-7). - Chapters in tutorial series on Immunology and Microbiology by Rapid Learning Center, California, USA.

Awards - Post-doctoral Research Fellowship awarded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), India, 2007-2010.

Memberships and Affiliations: 

1) Member of ACS: American Chemical Society (since 2010). 2) Member of SPIE: Society for Optics and Photonics Technology (since 2017). 3) Life member of SBC (I): Society of Biological Chemists of India. 4) Member of MRS-S: Materials Research Society of Singapore (2009-2011). 5) Life member of MRS-I: Materials Research Society of India.

Current Projects : 

Areas of Research: 1) Nanobiotechnology; Biosensors, Bioimaging and Bioanalytical tools for Point-of-Care diagnosis, biomarker identification, and metabolic diseases by nanomaterials like quantum dots, metal and composite nanomaterials. 2) Multiplexing; Lab-on-Chip devices, Bioconjugation of nanomaterials and biomolecules. 3) Biomaterials, Biomimetics and bio-inspired materials for Sensor applications. 4) Bioengineered Virus Like Particles, proteins for hierarchical assembly of nanomaterials and biomedical applications. 5) Neutraceuticals formulation for prevention & cure. Involved in developing “Epi-Quercican Forte” for cancer patients

Current Sponsored Research Projects: Project: Developing electrochemical nanobiosensor tool for multiplexed pathogen detection. Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology, India Grant: Rs. 39 Lakhs

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