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Mr. Pratap Kumar Koppolu


Assistant Professor




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Teaching Experience: 



B.Tech Electrical and Electronics
M.Tech Electrical Control Systems.


Teaching Responsibility: 

U.G. Courses.

1. Digital Electronics

2. Industrial Drives

3. Industrial Electronics and Electrical drives

4. Electrical Technology

5. Basic Electrical 

Additional Responsibility: 

1. Deapartmental Summer and Re exam co ordinator


1. Submitted and presented a paper on "Current mode control applied to forward-flyback active clamp dc-dc converter" in ICPEC'13 (International conference on Power, Energy and Control 2013) in Dindigul, Tamilnadu, India.

2. Submitted and presented apaper on "DC to DC converter troologies'' in PRAgnya'09 (A National level technical symposium 2009) JNTU Hyderabad, India. 



Conferrence, Workshops assisted/attended

1Participated in NPEC'15 December 21-23  IIT Bombay 

2Contributed as a Teaching Assistant a Two week ISTE Workshop on "Control Systems" organised by IIT Kharagpur from 2nd to 12th December, 2014. This workshop was held under the National Mission on Educational through ICT (MHRD) in C.o.E.P

3. Partcipated in the CEP course on "Simulation of Power Electronic circuits" conducted by IIT Bombay during October 8-9, 2013

4. Partcipated in a one week FDP on "LabVIEW for Engineers & Scientists" during July 7-11, 2014 organised by Instrumentation & Control under the aegis of TEQIP II C.oE.P

5. Participated in two day FDP on "Power Quality and Mittigation in Electrical Sysyems" held at Dept. of Electrical engineering, C.o.E.P during August 1st-2nd 2014.

6. Participated in Two day Workshop on Pedagogy "Seven Habits for the 21st Century Educators" in 12 & 20 Seprtmber 2014 in C.o.E.P.

7. Participated in one day workshop on "Advanced Analog Electronics Boards and DSP Boards" under the SRES organised at Dept. Electrical Engineering on 5th December 2013.

8. Participated in one day workshop on "Syllabus Structure for S.E, T.E & B.E Electrical Engineering course and Syllabus Revision of S.E.Electrical, University of Pune" held at Dept. of Electrical Eng., Modern College of Engineering on 2nd Nov. 2012

9. Participated in a one week workshop on "Learning LATEX for Technical report Writing" from december 6th-10th 2010, at Dept. Electrical engineering in C.o.E.P 

Current Projects : 

B.Tech Projects

1. Regenerative energy storing using supercapacitors in variable speed drive

2. Design and implementation of proportional resonant controller for interfacing with a DC micro grid

3. Design and implememtation of interface converters for connection of PV panel to Grid

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