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Dr Pratibha Prashantrao Shingare


Assistant professor


Electronics & Telecommunication


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Teaching Experience: 



ME, PhD Electronics and Telecommunication

Teaching Responsibility: 

Worked as a team member of the selection Committee to Review Members of Technical Staff from EI and EII grade for position in next grade for CDAC center for development of advanced computing.
coordinated activities such as lab development, student project and seminar.
worked as a coordinator for “GE Scholarship Award” for MTech students from last 3 years.
worked as a member for “Chrysalis’s” National level paper competition organized by our department. During this period, we organized technical events successfully.
worked as a team member for FE Admission Committee.
Was appointed as a responsible for documentation for Accreditation program E &TC Specialization Instrumentation and Control of COE Pune by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) constituted by AICTE New Delhi. We were a team of 5 staff members.
Worked as a coordinator for the course conducted under Community Development Programs under TEQIP.
Worked as a member for the courses conducted under Networking Programs under TEQIP.

Additional Responsibility: 

1.Organized Summer training program for S Y B Tech students from 5th July to 15th of July 2006
2.Under Community Development and Tribal Development Cell of TEQIP organizing one day Seminar on “System Generation Tool” for students and teachers
3.Under Community Development and Tribal Development Cell of TEQIP organizing a course for ITI instructors.
Organising Committee Member for
1.AICTE-ISTE sponsored AICTE ISTE STTP on “Still Image and Video Processing” during 14th June to 25th June 2004 conducted at GCOE Pune.
2.AICTE-ISTE STTP on “Advanced DSP” During 24th May to 5th June 2004 conducted at GCOE Pune.
3.AICTE-ISTE STTP on Advanced DSP during 22nd march to 31st March 2004 conducted at GCOE Pune.
4.Short-term course on ADSP and its applications with hands on experience. From 16th to 19th Jan 2004.
5.International Conference on Multidisciplinary Aspects of Engineering, Pune, India, January 2005.



  International Journals : 3
IEEE Proceding: 6
Internatinal Conference: 8
National Conference: 3

Memberships and Affiliations: 

ISTE: Life


IEEE: Annual

Current Projects : 

ISRO Sponsored Projcet Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Fusion

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