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Prof. Sanjaykumar Limaji Patil


Professor Instrumentation & Dean Student Affairs


Instrumentation & Control


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UG Program
Analog Techniques
Digital Techniques
Instrument and System Design
Graduate Program
Instrument Design Engineering
Advanced Electronics Instrumentation

Additional Responsibility: 

(Dean, Student Affairs)


A.Book / Monograms:
1.Modern Digital Electronics, U. M. Chaskar and S. L. Patil, Everest Publication, Pune, 2010 - ISBN 81 9660 1497

B.Peer Reviewed National / International Conferences:
1.M. Chaudhari, S. L. Patil, “Bridging the Gap between Institutional Curriculum and Industrial Entry Requirement through Learning to Learn Skills”, National Seminar on Transition from Learning to Work – HRD Strategies in Technical Education, July 15~16, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, 1999, pp.1-2.

2.S. L. Patil, A. K. Agarwala, “Push Pull Boost Converter with Low Loss switching”, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, ICIT 2008, Chengdu, China, 2008, pp.1-6. Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-1705-6

3.S. L. Patil, A. K. Agarwala, “A Zero Voltage Switched PWM Isolated Boost Converter with Voltage Mode Control”, POWERCON and IEEE Power India Conference 2008, October 12 ~ 15th, 2008, New Delhi, pp.1-6. ISBN: 978-1-4244-1762-9
C.Peer Reviewed National / International Journals:

1.S. L. Patil, Madhuri Thatte, U. M. Chaskar, “Development of Plantar Foot Pressure Measurement System using Flexi Force Sensor”, Sensors & Transducer Journal, Vol. 108, Issue 9 , September 2009, pp. 73-79, ISSN 1726-5479.

2.S. L. Patil, Sachine Negi, U. M. Chaskar, “ Wireless Sensor Network for Process Automation using ZigBee Protocol”, CiiT International Journal of Wireless Communication, Vol. 2, No 2, February 2010, pp.1-6,ISSN 0974-9756.

3.U.M. Chaskar, Shital V. Bhole and S. L. Patil, “Comparative Performance Study of Different Algorithm Sequence of Thresholding and Filtering Applied on Characters for Noise Reduction”, International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Applications, Vol. 3 No. 3, 2009, pp- 11-20, ISSN 0973-9424.

4.P.V. Suryawanshi, Ganesh Bhujbal, S. L. Patil, “A FFT Based Harmonic Analyzer of TMS320F-2812 Digital Signal Controller”, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Advances in Engineering , Vol.1 No.1, November 2009, pp. 71- 86, ISSN 0975-7074.

5.U. M. Chaskar, S. R. Koli, S. L. Patil, “A Novel Approach for Non-Invasive Measurement of Blood Hemoglobin”, International Journal on Health Care Technology Management IJHTM, Special issue on Biomedical Engineering, Inderscience Journal, Volume 11, No. 3 ,July 2010, pp. 193-201.

6.U. M. Chaskar, A. Paralikar, S. L. Patil, “Measurement of Blood Glucose using Near Infrared Spectrophotometry, International Journal on Engineering Research and Industrial Applications, Vol. No.3, August 2010, pp. 237-246, ISSN 0974-1518.

7.U. M. Chaskar, S. Koli, S. D. Agashe, S. L. Patil, “Non Invasive measurement of blood hemoglobin using multi-wavelength spectrophotometry” Journal of The Instrument Society of India, Vol. 40, September 2010 No.3, pp. 172-174.

8.S. L. Patil, A. K. Agarwala, U. M. Chaskar, “Zero Voltage Transition Isolated PWM Push Pull Boost Converter for Single Stage Power Factor Correction Application”, International Journal of Power Electronics, Vol.3, No.6, October 2011, pp. 652-664.

9.U.M. Chaskar, R.H. Garibe, S. L. Patil, “FPGA Implementation of PLC Modules” International Journal of Programmable Devices Circuits and Systems, September 2011, pp.12-15, ISSN 0974-973X.

Memberships and Affiliations: 

1. Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
2. Instrument Society of India (ISOI)
3.IEEE -Instrumentation and Measurement society

Current Projects : 

1.“DC-DC Converter Power Management for Low Power Embedded Systems” Funded by Board of Research in Nucleus Science (2011 ~ 2014), Amount Rs. 24.37 Lakhs – Principal Investigator

2.COEP is part of National Level Project Entitled “ Development of Web enabled Laboratory (Virtual Laboratory)” supported by Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi under National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology Scheme. COEP has got approval for development of ten web enabled Laboratories (Virtual Laboratories) and eight faculties are associated with this project.Grant-in-aid sanctioned for this project is Rs. 4.50 Crores for three years. I am involved as a one of the faculty in this project. I am Coordinator of the “Hybrid Electronics” Laboratory and developed the same Laboratory.

3.“Modernization of Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory” MODROB Project Funded by AICTE of Rs. 12.00 Lakhs, March, 2012 ~ March 2013- Principal Investigator

4.“Design and Development of Iris Recognition System - A Biometric Application”, Funded by Board of Research in Nucleus Science (October 2010 ~ September 2013), Amount Rs. 19.94 Lakhs – Co Principal Investigator

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