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Dr. Mrs. Vibha Vyas, 


  • Head  (Electronics and Telecommunication department), (22/02/2022 till date)
  • Chairperson, Library Committee COEP (27 Aril 2017 –22/02/2023)
  • Controller of Examinations COEP (July 2010-August 2014) 



  • To provide high quality teaching to students in order to assist them to reach their potential and develop strong logical and analytical skills in smooth and positive learning environment.
  • To guide students to cultivate research oriented learning and acquire practical skills so that out going students are highly innovative and useful engineers which is the prime need for our developing nation.
  • To inculcate high sense of discipline and perseverance in students by presenting myself as a role model displaying friendly but strong disciplined administrative qualities so that students emerge as excellent citizens with great knowledge.


Contribution for society outside work domain

  • Helping and conducting events for housekeeping
  • Participating in vasundhara swachata abhiyan
  • Tree plantation
  • Cloths, food, and books  distribution


Associate Professor


Electronics & Telecommunication


Mobile Number: 


Phone Number: 



Date of Joining COEP: 


Prior to joining COEP Teaching/Research Experience: 


Teaching Experience: 



PhD, M.Tech  

Teaching Responsibility: 

  1. Working with complete involvement in centre of excellence. Involved in procurement and Selection Committee for RA.
  2. Coordinated course on multirate and adaptive Signal Processing
  3. Developed DSP laboratory
  4. Working as PG coordinator for Signal Processing (M.Tech)
  5. Prepared Signal Processing curriculum and structure .
  6. Helped in structuring and preparation of UG PG syllabus for several years.
  7. Given various expertise lectures and organized FDPs in the Department
  8. Lab In-charge and developed DSP Laboratory.
  9. Faculty advisor for F.Y and S.Y. M. Tech. Signal Processing Students.
  10. Worked as Departmental controller of Examinations for E&TC for four years.
  11. Held and coordinated all exam related activities at department level


Additional Responsibility: 

Department level

  • M.Tech Signal Processing Faculty advisor and NBA Coordinator
  • Working with complete involvement in centre of excellence.
  • Coordinated  courses on Multirate and Adaptive Signal Processing
  • Developed DSP laboratory.
  • Prepared Signal Processing curriculum and structure.
  • Helped in structuring and preparation of UG PG syllabus for several years.
  • Given various expertise lectures and organized FDPs in the Department.
  • Lab In-charge and developed DSP Laboratory.
  • Faculty advisor for F.Y and S.Y. M. Tech. Signal Processing Students.
  • Worked as Departmental controller of Examinations for E&TC for four years.
  • Held and coordinated all exam related activities at department level.

Institute level

  • Working as Chairman Library

Few responsibilities involve

  • A collection of resources that complements and enhances the curriculum of the College and reflects and covers the technical, cultural, ethnic, racial, and gender diversity of the world.
  • Access to remote resources via newer technologies including online electronic resources such Internet, digital publications.
  • A Library Instruction program, both individual and group, which teaches students to make effective use of information resources, fosters critical thinking, information literacy, and a desire for lifelong learning.
  • A collaborative formal and informal resource sharing arrangement with other area academic libraries like IIIT Pune.

Targeted Modifications

  • Refurbishment of old Library at top priority.
  • Small software for online book-bank access system.
  • Educate the staff regarding efficient library techniques.
  • Worked  for the Tenure of 4 years as controller of examinations.(July 2010 to July 2014)


Reforms and Duties in Examination systems

  1. Manual based repository of Department wise listing of External Examiners for Paper Setting, Assessment – contact details, qualifications, areas of specialization, eligibility level i.e. PG only, UG only etc.
  2. Release of  Notices about paper setting to internal and external paper setters for all courses, based on Registration details to identified paper setters of the Department
  3. Automated reminders as a part of follow up
  4. Scheduling of Question papers for printing
  5. Personalized time tables and their dispatch on student mail before each examination
  6. Allocation of seating location to student for on-line examination
  7. Entire Mark/Grade entry of Class tests, Teacher Assessment marks, CVV (Orals), Project, Seminar,  Lab courses through ERP. The entry is made by the faculty from their seating places. Confidentiality is maintained
  8. Scheduling of Junior and Senior supervisors based on Designations with or without over-riding instructions, along with role as a reliever
  9.  NBA related helping to various department and at central level.
  10.  Making of Student wise, year wise, branch wise classification of examination timetable
  11. Track of % completion of papers – availability of completion % for Dean and HOD for efficient follow-up and meeting with deadlines of assessment and result declaration
  12. Comprehensive view of all results to Dean, HOD for grade moderation with facility for experimentation/trial with Grace marks
  13. Reexamination processing.
  14. Auto-generation of results of regular examinations and its release by mail, and MIS
  15. Generation of Result analysis statistics as per requirement.
  16. Transcripts generation and Duties allotted by higher authorities including Director, Deputy Director and Deans.

Worked in different committees during Mindspark, sesqusentanary function of COEP

University/national Level

  • Working as NBA expert
  • Conference Chair fo IConSIP 2022 and PunCon 2023
  • Working as recognized PG Teacher and Ph.D Guide with Pune University.
  • Worked as Conference session chair and co-chair
  • Working as member BOS committee
  • Worked as Referee to various universities for Ph.D allotment.
  • Worked as reviewer to various conferences like CVIP and NCC and journals like PAMI Elsevier and science direct.
  • Working as Resource person for various FDPs ISTE STTP and AICTE sponsored so on.
  • Worked as paper setter and Paper assessor in university of Pune


Conducted /organized many FDPs as Coordinator

Summary of total work done in the E&TC department of COEP since joining in October 2003

  • Developing Computer based simulation modeling and DSP laboratory.
  • As PG Teacher,
    1. Taken subject “DSP Tools and application”, “Joint Time Frequency Analysis”, Multirate and Adaptive Signal Processing.
    2. Taught ‘Parallel Processing Systems’ for M. Tech (Electronics [digital/computer specialization]) and ‘statistical signal analysis and stochastic process’ during 2003 -2008.
    3. Worked in various committees viz. stage committee at 150 years celebration, Mindspark, Zest of the college and admission committees,
    4. Worked for NBA Signal Processing Coordinator for preparation and presentation at department level.
  • At UG level taught the following subject:
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Signals and Systems
    •  Information theory and source coding,
    •  Various microprocessors and its applications,
    •  Electronics Device and circuits,
    •  Communication systems,
    • Network analysis and synthesis,
    •  Basic electronics
    • Microprocessor and applications
  • Conducted many courses on MATLAB covering its basics and its application for DSP and Image processing, and Simulink.

Performed role of expert , member of academic council as  Out Reach activities.

Participated in many  Instruction Enhancement Programs (IEP)

List of Publications in Conference & Journal Papers

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Since 2018












Patent Filed

Patents are filed as per following details:

  • Title of patent:  Portable system for measuring strength of concrete structure

  • In the name of: Dr. Vibha Vyas, Mr.S.L.Tade Dr. N.B.Chopade

  • Month and year of filing and registration:  01/07/2015 00:31:48

  • Month and year of grant of the patent: NA

  • Short abstract of the patent:

  • The goal of this project is to design a portable system for concrete wall strength measuring using multispectral infrared imaging camera. The multispectral infrared cameras allow splitting the scene radiance into eight spectral bands rather than only one broadband image hereby allowing spectral analysis. The present invention is directed to a method for non-destructively inspecting the wall thicknesses or strength of a component, where the dimensions of the component or of the component surface are measured, substantially without making any contact, and are described by digital data. The strength component is visually displayed and, in the visual display, surface points are highlighted for which the wall thickness falls below and/or exceeds one or more predefined values. The present invention renders possible a reliable and complete, automatic determination of wall thickness and a rapid evaluation of components and/or of critical concrete wall strength.

Applied through :


Tel No. (091)(022) 241377010,24141026 Fax No. 022 24130387 Email:

Web Site:


RPS Proposal forwarded to AICTE

RPS Proposal PI Dr. VIbha Vyas ( Submitted to AICTE in December 2015 through RnD Dean, COEP)

  • Title of proposal

Development of EBG based antenna with Software controlled Environment for ISM applications

Budget Estimates –

Non-Recurring (A)



Budget Estimates –Recurring (B)



Total Rs.



International Journal=08, National Journal=01, International Conference=12, National Conference=09



Publications in International journals:

  1. “Performance Improvement of Microstrip antenna using Fractal EBG structure and vias” has been provided by the concerned referees. Accepted (International Organization of Scientific Research , supported by NASA), Vibha Vyas , Rajeshri Mahajan Date of Acceptance 19/11/2015

  2. Rock Image Classification Using Non-Homogenous Textures based on k-nearest neighbour voting’, published in Interscience Open Access Journals. 
    International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems (IJESS)
    ISSN:2231-5969 2013

  3. "Dynamic Texture Segmentation Using Texture Descriptors and Optical Flow Techniques", Shilpa Paygude, Vibha Vyas and Pratik Soygaonkar© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015 – Vol. 2, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 328, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-12012-6_31 pp.281-288

  4. Vibha Vyas, Priti Rege, “Geometric Transform Invariant Texture analysis with modified Zernike moments based algorithm”, International Journal of fundamenta Informatica, [Annales Societatis Mathematicae Polonae],Published under the Auspices of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science, EATCS ISSN: 0169-2968, Vol.88, No.1-2, pp.177-192, November 2008

  5. Vibha Vyas Priti Rege, “Real Coded Genetic Algorithm For Optimal Parameters Selection In Circular Mellin Feature Extractors”, in the International Journal of Computers and Applications, ACTA (Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments) press, a scientific and technical publishing company, Vol.30, No.2, pp.134-141, January 2008.

  6. Vibha S. Vyas , Priti Rege, “Chebyshev Moments Based Texture classification of Malignant Masses in Digital Mammograms”, in International Journal of Bioinformatics and Medical Engineering, Vol.7, issue 1, pp.29-35, December, 2007

  7. Vibha S. Vyas , Priti Rege, “Automated Texture Analysis with Gabor filter ”, International Journal on Graphics, Vision and Image Processing(GVIP), Vol.6,Issue 1,pp.35-41,September, 2006

  8. Vibha S. Vyas, Priti Rege, “Geometric Transform Invariant Texture analysis with modified Chebyshev moments based algorithm”, International Journal of Image and Graphics (IJIG), Published by World Scientific. Vol.9, Issue 4, pp.559-574, October 2009.


Publications in National journals:

  1. Vibha S. Vyas, Priti Rege, “Real coded Genetic Algorithm for optimal parameters selection in Gabor Filters”, published in Computer society of India (CSI) volume 36, No.3, July- September 2006


Publications in International conferences:

  1. “Logic architecture for 2-select arbiter using duel pointer”, Vyas, Vibha. Kalpande, M.D.;TENCON 2015 - 2015 IEEE Region 10 Conference Year: 2015 Pages: 1 - 5, DOI: 10.1109/TENCON.2015.7373089

  2. “Traffic Video Surveillance using Contourlet Transform”’ 7th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology ICETET-15, Vibha Vyas , M.S.Sutaone, Shilpa Paygude Archana Boharapi presented at Kobe Japan 2015. under IEEE

  3. Shilpa Paygude, Vibha Vyas, Manisha Chaple “Vehicle Detection and Tracking using Optical flow and Background Subtraction Technique” International Conference on advances in Computer Science and Application –CSA ,ELSEVEIR June 2013 pp.741-747

  4. Alwin D.Anuse and Dr.Vibha Vyas , “ Genetic Fuzzy ART Map for Face Recognition Under Scale Invariance “,IEEE Workshop on Computational Intelligence : Theories ,Applications and Future Directions ,IIT Kanpur,India,pp.16-17 ,July 2013

  5. Vehicle Detection and Tracking using the Optical Flow and Background Subtraction Prof.S.S.Paygude, Dr. Vibha Vyas, Manisha Chaple CSA 2013

  6. Vibha S. Vyas , Priti Rege “Comparison of simple search algorithms and Real coded Genetic algorithm for parameters selection of circular mellin features for texture segmentation” at ICAIET(3rd international conference on artificial intelligence in engineering and technology) University Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia pp.126-131, November 2006

  7. Vibha S. Vyas, M.S.Sutaone, S.P.Mahajan, N.P.Pasalkar “Mellin transform and its application in pattern recognition” IMAE-2005 Pune 7th January 2005

  8. Vibha S. Vyas, M.S.Sutaone, S.P.Mahajan, A.M.Sapkal “Robust Rotation invariant Symmetric Gabor Filter” ADCOM 2004 at Ahmedabad published in CD Media December 2004

  9. Vibha S. Vyas, M.S.Sutaone, N.P.Pasalkar, P.P.Bartakke, “Rotation and Scale Invariant Feature Extractors” at IEEE TENCON’2003, Convergent Technology for Asia-Pacific, at Bangalore PP 235-238,14-17 October 2003

  10. Amit R. Pathare, Vibha Vyas Rock Image Classification Using Non-Homogenous Textures based on k-nearest neighbour voting ICDSPIP-5TH MAY-13BHU-093

  11. Vibha Vyas, Rakhi Dhakate, B.S.Chaudhary “Optimized Algorithm For Minimizing Wavelength and Number of Hops in Virtual Wavelength Path Routed WDM Network”, International Conference on “Emerging Technologies in Telecommunication Convergence (ICETTC07)” 10-12, January 2007.

  12. Vibha Vyas,Rakhi Dhakate, “Real coded Genetic  Algorithm For Minimizing Wavelength and Number of Hops in Virtual Wavelength Path Routed WDM Network”, International Conference on Wireless Mobile and multimedia Networks11-12 January 2008

Publications in National conferences:

  1. Vikas Parashar and Vibha S. Vyas, “High performance FFT computing using CUDA on GPU”, Emerging trends in Engineering, MBA and Pharmacy, Sri Ram Group of Institute Jabalpur(M.P) India, 2009

  2. Manish Sevani and Vibha Vyas, “Iris recognition using texture analysis and band limited phase only correction”, proceedings of national conference on Signal and Image Processing Application pp.67, Pune, India September 2009.

  3. Vibha Vyas, P. P. Rege “Chebyshev Moments Based Textural Classification of Benign and Malignant Masses in Digital Mammograms”, National Symposium on Instrumentation (NSI 32), October 24-26 2007, Trichingode.

  4. Vibha S. Vyas, Urmila Patil, “Computation of Dynamic Texture Features Using normal Flow”, Proceedings of NCSPA, organized by IEEE,Dy.Patil COE, Pune, pp.319-322, September, 2007

  5. Vibha Vyas Radhika Joshi, , R.A.Patil, “Software approach for GPS Receiver”, a IETE National Conference at Pune 2005

  6. M P Sardey, Vibha S Vyas, P M Patil, M E Rane,, “ECG Pattern Classification Using Artificial Neural network”, proceedings of National Conference on sun rising technologies (NCSRT-05) held at Parshvanath College of Engineering on 18-19 November 2005

  7. Vibha S. Vyas , Priti Rege, “Radon Transform application for rotation invariant texture analysis using Gabor filters” at NCC-2007 IIT Kanpur, pp.439-442, January 2007.

  8. Vibha S. Vyas, M.S.Sutaone, S.P.Mahajan, A.M.Sapkal “Comparison of rotation and scale invariant texture operators” NCC-2005 at IIT Kharagpur pp.341-345,29th of January 2005

  9. Vibha S. Vyas , Priti Rege “Comparison of parameter selection methods in Gabor Filters” ACT 2005 Bhilai Durg Chattisgarh march 2005

Current Projects : 

No. of Ph.Ds. Guided and Patents

09 Completed, 05 Ongoing

2 Patents Granted , one published

Details of Completed PhDs

1.Alwin Anuse, “A Framework For Classification Under Geometric Invariance In Images”, Date 27th May 2017


2.Ashutosh Marathe, “Microstructure Analysis Of Petrographic Images Using Stochastic Texture Classification And Multiple Classifier Combinations”,  Date 3rd September 2018


3.Shilpa Paygude, “Dynamic Texture Segmentation and Recognition System Using Enhanced Speciotemporal Techniques”,  Date 19th January 2019


4.Rajshri Mahajan, “Performance Analysis Of Modified Ground Surface For Improvement In Micro-Strip Antenna Parameters”,  Date 8th June 2019


5. Rupali Kute Person Identification Using Biometrics Association Under Heterogeneous Environment Date 23 October 2019


6. Amit Khade,  Design and Optimization of Low Power CMOS Operational Transconductance Amplifier 6th July 2020


7. Sunil Tade A Spatio-Temporal Feature Classification For High Dynamic Range

Images 3rd  March  2021

8. Kaustubh Sakhare “Shape Based Object Detection in Still Images” 12th November 2021

9.Hemangi Shinde “Auditory Based Speech Enhancement for Hearing Impaired”



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