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About Pune StartUp Fest :

Pune Start-up Fest is an annual fest organised by Bhau's E-Cell, College of Engineering, Pune. Pune Start-up Fest is a unique start-up expo, which provides an excellent platform for numerous students and start-ups to connect with this ever-growing entrepreneurial world. Students are provided with Start up internships. Start-ups and students are given a huge opportunity to develop by giving them access to entrepreneurial resources and networks throughout the community.

Variety of events are organised during the fest. Keynote lectures and many speeches by prominent personalities are arranged to motivate the aspiring entrepreneurs. Pune Start-up Fest successfully organised its first and second edition in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Breaking the shackles of the pandemic, Pune Start-up Fest 21 promises you it's first ever virtual and a grander third edition.


Our Theme This Year : "Bolstering Innovation"

Start-ups are leading the way for solving the complex global problems and thus, revolutionizing the world. Through Pune Start-up Fest, we introduce the society with its change makers and depict the innovations enhancing the quality change. With a strong belief of a better world through the current innovations and aspiring to strengthen them, we proudly present our theme for the year 2021, Bolstering Innovation - A Blueprint for the future.

Our mission for our third edition is to expand our explorations further in the start-up ecosystem. Covering budding but promising domains will be our primary focus. We believe for becoming a sustainable platform, assisting all the small-scale entrepreneurs, business enterprises and MSMEs to expand their horizons. Breaking the shackles of the pandemic, we present the first ever virtual edition of Pune Start-up Fest, with an aim to strengthen and encourage the modern world innovations.

Theme Video - https://youtu.be/215-Sodvyxs


Key Segments of Pune Start-up Fest'21

1. The mega Start-up Expo

2. Networking with investors and mentors

3. Business Events

4. Start-up Internships

5. Keynote lectures and Experts’ talks


Faculty Advisors –

1. Dr. Mrs. Madhuri Karnik

2. Mr. Rahul Adhav


Contact –

Krushna Wath


Pune Start-up Fest 21

Bhau’s Entrepreneurship Cell

+91 7776043286


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