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The Science club, nurturing innovation and raising the profile of science through activities and workshops has conjured up a lot of interest amongst the students of COEP

Science rules the world and human beings attempt to understand its mysterious ways by making laws and theories. We at the science club, aim to encourage scientific temper and answer the burning questions that drive students to pursue research into unknown frontiers.

Integrating technical skill with scientific theories, the club has initiated many projects, some of which being the construction of Microbial Fuel Cell, Project on Special and General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics etc.

The club strives to quench a student’s thirst for science by organizing various exciting events such as demonstration experiments, science quizzes, talks and lectures by eminent scientists from all over the globe, visits to various labs, workshops and much more.

Some of the recent activities include a hands-on session organized by LIGO India on the GMRT telescope and its work with gravitational waves, a photonics workshop by Dr. Kamlesh Alti, a webinar on Eclipsing Binaries my Mr. Bhavesh Rajpoot..

Discussions and brainstorming sessions are also held every week wherein members explore everything under the Sun.


Faculty Adviser

Dr. Abhishek M More

Meta, COEP



Shaikh Moazzam

TY Civil, COEP

Contact details: 808011048

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