Success of Team Nemesis Racing at BAJA SAE INDIA 2019


Team Nemesis Racing from College Of Engineering, Pune has yet again claimed the BAJA SAEINDIA 2019 championship and made it 5 times in row (2015-2019) to win the championship and a total of 7 championships out of the 12 editions of BAJA SAE INDIA. Team has won 6 awards in all and a prize money of Rs. 4.75Lacs.

The awards bagged by the team were:

1. 1 st Overall

2. 1 st in CAE

3. 1 st in Innovation for CVT customization & optimization

4. 1 st in Endurance Race

5. 2 nd in Rock Crawl

6. 2 nd in Raftar for the lightest and fastest vehicle

BAJA SAEINDIA is a ATV(All Terrain Vehicle) designing and building competition organized by SAE(Society Of Automotive Engineers). The competition this year marked the participation of 400 Engineering colleges from INDIA for the Virtual Design first round and from which only 150 teams got their design approved. The teams were then allowed to manufacture their vehicle and compete in the competition at Pithampur, Indore from 22nd -27th January 2019.

The schedule for the competition comprise of Technical Inspection of the vehicle on Day 1 of the competition followed by the Design, Sales, Cost presentation on the following day. Our team cleared the Technical Inspection and brake test on Day1 and had some great presentations. The real thrill of BAJA is in the Dynamics events of the vehicle. The Dynamics started on Day3 and we had the acceleration, maneuverability test which we completed with good results.

Day4 and Day5 was full of dynamics for us as we faced the rollover of our vehicle during the suspension and traction test which resulted in wheel assembly failure. But the team came back with even stronger fight and bagged the fastest rock crawl event attempt and cleared the suspension and traction smoothly too. The final overall dynamics result didn’t guarantee our success and thus we were in the do or die situation to win the final day Endurance Race.

On Day6 we started the race at 2nd position in the grid. Our Car was going smooth through all the terrains in the race track and towards the first half of the race we were not at top but among first 3 constantly. The real test was in the second half to not loose the temperament and complete the race at top and this was handled beautifully by our team as the car didn’t had a single failure in the race where as other cars continued to experience the breakdown which resulted in our car collecting the chequered flag and win the race by lead of 1 lap where we completed a total of 28 laps in 4hrs and 130kms.

The Endurance Race win made it clear victory of the Overall Championship yet again and make it 5 times Championship in a row. This achievement of the team has made it sure to compete with stronger fight in the BAJA SAE US competition which is going to take place later 11th -14th April in Tennessee, USA. Team has already begun with the preparations and are confident to come up with outstanding results.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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