About Us

The project is largely student driven involving students from all streams of engineering, thus establishing itself as a truly interdisciplinary project, a fact highly acknowledged by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The team has members spread across all years and all the disciplines of Engineering. The team can proudly state that all design work was done by the students from ground up with periodic assistance from the college faculty. Owing to the untiring efforts put into the project by the students, the team was invited to attend the Small Satellite Systems Conference in Bangalore in April 2010. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between COEP and ISRO on 23rd May, 2013, for the development and launch of SWAYAM. The team cleared the Critical Design Review with ISRO in September, 2014. The Flight Model assembly and testing has been completed at ISAC, Bangalore in February 2015. The satellite had been handed over to ISRO and was launched on 22nd of June 2016 along with ISRO’s CARTOSAT-2C by Polar Satellite Launch vehicle PSLV-C34.

CSAT has begun work on its next mission, CSAT-2, in June 2015. The scientific objective of the next mission will be to demonstrate orbit manoeuvering using solar sails and the payload will be charged particle monitoring with varying altitudes.

COEP Satellite Team with Dr. Sahasrabuddhe, Dr. Khaladkar and COEP Faculty