These inductions are only for First Year and Second Year B.Tech students studying in College of Engineering, Pune.
In the induction there are 3 stages:
1. Depending on your interests, solve one or more of the questionnaires given below.
2. After submitting, if selected you will be called for interview.
3. After clearing interview, a task will be given.
There will be a task review at the end and depending on your performance, final results will be declared.
There are three questionnaires:
1. Electronics paper
Preferred branches – Electrical, EnTC and Instrumentation.
There are two sections within the paper. One for F.Y. and S.Y. B.Tech students. Physics questions are common for both years.
Download – Electronics Paper
2. Coding paper
Preferred branches – Computer, EnTC.
There are two sections, for F.Y. and S.Y. B.Tech respectively. Physics questions are common for both years.
Download – Coding Paper
3. Structures paper
Preferred branches – Mechanical, Metallurgy, Civil.
Download – Structures Paper
Last date to submit answers is 21th Jan 2020 till 11:59 PM. Answers can be submitted through this link or can be submitted as hard copy in fablab (production department) between 6pm to 9pm. All other instructions are written on the questionnaire itself. If you have any doubts, feel free to mail your queries at or contact Rohit Patil on 9527699734.