30th June 2016: Swayam was stabilized in its orbit.

22nd June 2016: Swayam was lauched successfully aboard ISRO’s PSLV C34 from Shriharikota. Beacons were received from all over the world.

June 2016: Swayam shipped from ISAC to SHAR and integrated with PSLV.

May 2016: Swayam clears the Pre-shipment Review.

October 2015: 8 papers published in 65th International Astronautical Congress held at Jerusalem in Israel.

February 2015: Flight Model successfully undergone Vibration and Thermo-Vacuum test at ISAC, Bangalore. Satellite handed over to ISRO .

January 2015: Flight Model assembly and bench level testing completed at ISAC, Bangalore.

September 2014: Critical Design Review (CDR) successfully cleared at ISAC, Bangalore.

June 2014: Thermo-Vac test done on the Qualification Model at ISAC, Bangalore.

May 2014: Vibration test done on the Qualification Model at VSSC, Trivandrum.

Feb 2014: SWAYAM Qualification model ready.

Nov 2013: Clean room of class 10000 established in COEP.

Sept 2013:2 papers published in 64th International Astronautical Congress held Beijing in China.

Aug 2013: 437.025 MHz frequency coordinated for Swayam’s half duplex system.

Aug 2013: Team visits ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore to finalize Solar Panel Interface and Battery box design.

June 2013: Team visits Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, Trivandrum for Flight considerations.

23 May 2013: COEP Signs MoU with ISRO.

Mar 2013:Satellite Team visits ISRO Satellite Center for Preliminary Design Review review.

Dec 2012: Bread-Board Integration testing complete.

Nov 2012: Review with Shri Pramod Kale in COEP.

Nov 2012: COEP GS receives its first Satellite Signal.

Oct 2012:Review with Dr. Vedachalam in COEP.

Oct 2012: COEP develops its groundstation.

Oct 2012: 2 papers published at 63rd IAC held at Naples in Italy.

Oct 2011: 2 papers published at 62nd IAC held at Cape Town in South Africa. Luigi Napolitano Award was presented to Nishchay Mhatre making him the first Asian to receive this award.

Sept 2010: Design Review at ISRO Satellite centre.

April 2010: Small Student Satellite Conference at ISRO Satellite centre.

Jan 2010: Conceptual Design Review at ISRO Satellite centre.

Nov 2009:Initial Design Review by Dr. Raghavmurthy in COEP.

Oct 2009: Dr. Vedachalam Reviews Progress of team.

Jan 2009: Project officially approved by COEP.

Late 2008: Project initiative by a group of students.