COEP's Technical Student Club
Data Science - Artificial Intelligence Club,
College of Engineering Pune
  1. We aim to inculcate in depth knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other domain specific fields like national language processing, GIS, etc in students so as to make COEP a haven for data science and artificial intelligence enthusiasts and place where companies would connect to students active in these fields.

  2. We aim to create a club where people irrespective their different engineering streams and branches are united by their passion of Data science and Artificial Intelligence.

  3. We aim to collaborate with clubs, companies and institutes in different fields for projects and research in Data science, Artificial intelligence, etc. and make COEP one of the best colleges in these fields.
  • The purpose of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Club is to promote research, education, training and development in the realm of Artificial Intelligence(AI), Data Science (DS), Natural Language Processing(NLP), Deep Learning (DL), Remote Sensing(RS) and Geographic Information System(GIS).

    1. To provide a forum for students, members of the public and faculty members to discuss, debate and present various topics and research related to the field of AI, DS, NLP, DL, RS and GIS.
    2. To encourage students to participate and conduct Hackathons, Data-a-thons, technical events in AI, DS, NLP, DL, RS and GIS.
    3. To encourage and support student research activities.
    4. To evolve an informal environment for socializing and networking within the field of AI, DS, NLP, DL, RS and GIS. Invite technical experts in domain for knowledge advancement.