The aim of DELTA is the efficient use of non-conventional energy resources to make sustainable products. Our roots are based on making various products which are powered by renewable energy.

We are a multi-disciplinary club (students from all branches can apply to be a part of DELTA).

We organize various workshops, participate in exhibitions, talks and quizzes throughout the year.

We are working on our first sustainable project - an Electric Motorcycle.



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The club consists of three subsystems which work together to make the electric motorcycle.

1. Energy:

Energy designs and develops electric infrastructure of the electric motorcycle which includes electric powertrain, charger, motor drives etc. Constant voltage mode and constant current charging algorithms are used to charge the battery.

2. Structures:

Structures works on designing of the various components and mechanisms of the bike. It includes chassis design, transmission system design, suspension design and more. An innovative transmission has been designed, which reduces the losses in transmission.

3. Computing and Processors(C&P):

C&P is the brain of any system. It acts as the control system for all electrical circuits. The complexity of an electrical circuit is significantly reduced by using a controller circuit. This subsystem works with MSP430 series of microcontrollers.

The work done by this subsystem includes:

  • Design of algorithms and efficient coding techniques

  • Optimize the functionality in a limited space-time domain


Projects Completed

  • DC/DC converters for charger using SMPC technique for higher efficiency

  • An innovative transmission, which combines the advantages of a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and a manual transmission has been designed

  • Throttle design and DC Motor Drive

  • Chassis Design Simulation

  • On Board Solar Charger


Ongoing Projects:

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm to charge a battery

  • Kalman Filters to determine State of Charge of the battery

  • BLDC Motor Drive

  • Suspension System Design



  • Research Paper accepted at Power, Energy and Electrical Engineering(PEEE), 2019

  • Represented COEP at AICTE Technical Exhibition

  • Successfully conducted Tesla’s Workshop

  • Provisional Patent on an Angular Mating Spur Gear



Contact Us:

Faculty Advisor:

Prof. Sudhir D. Agashe


Contact No: +91-9890229539



Jash Dalal


Mobile No: +91-9322970898



DELTA Lab (Behind Volleyball Court), Electrical Engineering Department,

College of Engineering Pune, Wellesley Road,
Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005.

Tel. No: 020-25507172


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