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Prof. Ashok M. Sapkal


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Teaching Experience: 


Industry Experience: 


Research Experience: 



  • Ph. D. (Electronics and Telecomm.)- University of Pune and College of Engineering, Pune-January. 2008
  • Master of Engineering (M.E.) Electronics and Telecomm.-University of Pune and Govt. College of Engineering, Pune-Nov. 1992-FIRST Class
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Electronics and Telecomm- University of Pune and Govt. College of Engineering, Pune-Nov. 1987-FIRST Class

Teaching Responsibility: 

  1. Faculty at various cadres in Department of E and TC, Govt. College of Engineering, Shivajinagar, Pune from 1990 till date. Presently working as Professor in Electronics & Telecomm department, with a port folio of Chairman Auction Committee (College of Engineering, Pune), w.e.f. 15 July 2015.
  2. Recognized PG and PhD guide by University of Pune.
  3. Teaching-Learning and Quality administrator for the dept

Additional Responsibility: 

  1. Worked as Chairman Library of the Institute for the period July 2012 to June 2015, Head of Electronics & Telecomm department, College of Engineering, Pune for the period 1st July2012 to 30th June 2015,
  2. Chairman Teaching-Learning Audit of the Institute from 1st January 2014 to 30th June 2015.
  3. Chairman Auction Committee of the Institute.
  4. Mentor for Final year B. E. E and TC


  • International Level:           Conferences –31,        Journals –23
  • National Level:     Conferences – 18,       Journals – 11
  • Available on IEEE Explorer – 08
  • Citations received: 142
  • Books- 02
  • Patent filed : 03

Patents filed:

  1. Multimodal Biometric Verification system using palm feature in visible and IR domain. Application no. 1267/MUM 2013 date 1 April 2013.
  2. System to measure strength of text based CAPTCHA Application no. 934/MUM2013 , CBR no. 3658 Docket no. 4992 date 20 March 2013.
  3. An Arrangement to Maintain Stability of a Body Mounted on a Rocker-Bogie Mechanism. Application no. 2212/MUM/2014 dated 7 July 2014

Research Work:

  • THREE Students have been awarded PhD by University of Pune, Eight are pursuing Research in the domains such as , Pattern Analysis using Textures, Speech Processing, Denoising of Medical Images, Image Fusion Techniques for Disease Diagnosis.
  • Guided 84 PG Students dissertations till date.
  • Areas of Interests in Teaching and Research: Multimedia, Signal and Image Processing, Power Electronics, EMI/EMC ,Embedded Systems.
  • The most sought after Resource person/Expert faculty in many conferences/seminars/workshops in the domain of Signal/Image Processing, Power Electronics and EMI/EMC.


Co-authored following well received books for UG courses in Electronics& Telecommunication:

  1. Advance Power Electronics.
  2. Transducers and Instrumentation.

    Testing and Consultancy

    • Actively involved in testing of UPS system, Converters, Inverters, Drives, SMPS, EMI/EMC,Cables and Meters RTO Safety equipment.
    • Consultancy to R.T.O. Pune for Frame And Test Security Appliances Purchase(Jointly With Mechanical, Applied Science and Instrumentation)

    Memberships and Affiliations: 

    1.Life Member and Fellow of IETE, India (F 192324),

    2.Member of IEEE (USA) (85009065)

    3. Member of ISTE, Member THE IET (UK)(71000890),

    4. Life member Alumni Association of COE, Pune (LM2720).

    Additional Information:

    1. Member of Board of Studies of Computer Engineering and Faculty of Engineering at University of Pune. Since Sept 2011.
    2. Coordinator for R&D Cell for TEQIP phase II from February 2010 at COE, Pune
    3. Member of COEP pico Satellite design, development and manufacturing committee.
    4. Member for NBA team for accreditation for Engg. Colleges in Tier-I & II format.
    5. Member of LIC committee of UoP for evaluation of Engg. Colleges.
    6. Member of AICTE for evaluation of Engg colleges and MODROB & Research proposals.
    7. Member of DTE Maharashtra   State to evaluate Engg colleges and scrutinize tenders for purchase.


    Current Projects : 

    1. Palm Print and Finger print Analyzer - Rajiv Gandhi and Technology Commission Govt. of Maharashtra 
    2. Robust Image Fusion Techniques for Image Retrieval and Image Enhancement- University of Pune BCUD 
    3.Development of system for authentication of personal identity based on fusion of face and palm images BRNS

    Funded R&D Projects:

    Successfully completed TEN funded research projects in the areas as mentioned worth Rs  INR 588 Lakhs

    • Co-PI for Center of Excellence in Signal and Image Processing funded by TEQIP Phase-II ,Rs 500Lakhs
    •  Co-Investigator  For DCA  Project Titled Power Electronics Lab & TAPTEC Titled Image Processing Lab In 1994 And 2001. Rs. 18 Lakhs.
    • Co-Investigator For Research Project Titled Palm And Fingerprint Analyzer Under Rajiv Gandhi Research Scheme 2009. Rs. 12.8 Lakhs.
    • Co-Investigator for Image Processing Lab, 2001, TAPTEC ,  AICTE. Rs 8Lakhs.
    • Investigator For EMI/EMC , 1998,TAPTEC AICTE. Rs. 10Lakhs.
    •  Co-Coordinator For TIFAC CORE Centre In Industrial Automation And Product Design(Jointly With Instrumentation And Control Department) of Rs. 18.8 Crore
    • Coordinator For R&D Project Titled A New Public Key Cryptosystem Using Linear Diophantine Equations And Demoivre’s Theorem
    • Coordinator and Co-Convener For National Conference On Image And Signal Processing Application In Sept. 2009.
    • Co investigator for research project entitled personal identification for security applications from BRNS. Received Grants – Rs. 18.5 Lakhs.
    • As a coordinator for UGC grant from BCUD, Pune University entitled Robust Image Fusion Techniques for Image Enhancement and Retrieval, Nov. 2008 to Nov. 2010. Rs. 1.5 Lakhs.
    • Coordinator For R&D Project Titled Water Marking Medical Images For Secure Transmission From IEI

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