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Mrs. Amruta Deshpande Kakirde


Asst. Professor


Town Planning


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M.Plan.(Infrastructure Planning)(July 2010 – July 2012)- Centre for environmental Planning & technology (CEPT) ,Ahmedabad, Gujarat

B.Arch.(June 2004 - May 2009)Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture & Design studies (P.I.A.D.S.) ,Nagpur, Maharashtra

Date of Joining COEP: 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Prior to joining COEP Industrial Experience (Years): 


Prior to joining COEP Teaching/Research Experience (Years): 


Area of Research: 

Sustainable Transportation, Urban Design, Built Enviornment, Infrastructure Planning

Courses Taught: 

Courses conducted-

  1. Basic Architecture Design- FY Planning
  2. Technical Report Writing​- SY Planning
  3. Computer Aided Design in Planning-SY Planning
  4. Planning Theory -II ( SY Planning)
  5. Infrastructure Planning ( SY Planning)
  6. Urban Design & Landscape Planning ( SY Planning)
  7. Infrastructure Planning Development and Management- TY Planning
  8. Introduction to Urban Design- TY Planning
  9. Landscape Planning & Design ( TY Planning)
  10. Transportation and Infrastructure System Planning- FY M.Tech. Planning
  11. Urban Design & Landscape Design-FY M.Tech. Planning
  12. Land Economics & Management ( SY M.Planning)

Studios Conducted-

  1. Planning & Designing Lab - FY Planning
  2. ​Area Appreciation Studio FY B.Planning
  3. Local Area Plan- Ty Planning
  4. Urban Development Plan- TY Plannning
  5. Area Appreciation Studio FY M.Planning


Responsibilities Shouldered: 

  1. Departmental MIS Administrator
  2. Departmental Moodle Administrator
  3. Departmental Training & Placement Coordinator 
  4. Departmental Coordinator for Wadhwani Foundation Program
  5. Departmental Time Table Incharge
  6. Faculty Mentor for TY Planning
  7. Central Library Incharge 
  8. Coordinating for IIRADA (Cell formed under Unnat Maharashtra Abhiyan) 
  9. Scrutiny Officer for Recruitment 
  10. FY UG & PG Admission comittee member
  11. Contribution in PG NBA 
  12. Jury member for Mind Spark
  13. Faculty Adviser for Mindspark 2018
  14. In-charge of Town planning Studios
  15. Committee member for Graduation ceremony
  16. Taken site visit of UG Planning Students for preparation of Area Appreciation studies, Local Area Plan, Development Plan to different cities
  17. Faculty Advisor for Gathering Drama in Antarang 2019
  18. Faculty Advisor for Graphics and academic event  design , refreshment and Jury member for short listing entries for NOSPlan hosted by COEP in December 2015 (AY 2015-16)
  19. Member of committee for International conference on Equity held in March 2019 at COEP (AY 2018-19)
  20. Coordinated for National Online Conference on Planning, Design and Management 2021 organized by Town Planning Section (Ay 2020-21)
  21. Organized first Industry Academia Meet in 2016 for Town Planning Section, Civil Engg. Dept. , COEP
  22. Organized Webinar on “Post Covid Scenario- Housing & Mobilty” on 20th June 2020 participated by COEP Planning and civil students, faculties along with students from different Institutes and Professionals across the Globe. ( AY 2019-20)
  23. Guest lecturers Organized
    1. Ar. Ajay kulkarni , Proprietor ,Interface Designers, Aurangabad on “Role of Heritage Conservation in preparation of Development Plan”(AY 2015-16)
    2. Dr. Priyadarshini Karve, CEO, Samuchit EnviroTech. Pvt. Ltd. on “Sustainable Strategies for Urban Organic Waste Management”(AY 2016-17)
    3. Mr. Monish Deshmukh, SIIP Fellow, Venture Center, NCL Innovations on “Sustainable
    4. Strategies for Solid Waste Management” (AY-2017-18) 

Awards / Honors received: 

  1.  Received Wipro Earthian Award 2020  (Mentor for group of 4 students)  Team is awarded with Momento and Prize money of Rs. One Lakh.

Number of PhD/ M.Tech/ B.Tech students guided: 

  1. 16 B.Plan. students guided  and 5 are ongoing
  2. 6 M.Plan. students guided and 2 are ongoing

Research Project & Publication Details: 

  1. O. Parishwad, A. Kakirde. (June 2016). Analyzing Dynamics between various planning bodies in Indian system of Governance. Proceeding of International Conference on Recent Trends in “Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering for Global Sustainability”, 19th June 2016, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  2. A. Kakirde, O. Parishwad (2016). Interrelating Urban form and Pedestrian movement, case of Nagpur. International Academy for Science & Technology Education and Research, Design, Vol.4, Issue 4, October-December, 2016. (International Journal)
  3. A. Kakirde, D. Gaikwad (2017). Accessibility to Rural Sanitation International Academy for Science & Technology Education and Research, Design, Vol.5, Issue 2, April- June 2017.(International Journal)
  4. P. Ghosh, A. Kakirde, S. Vaishampayan Influence of  built characteristics on safety of women in public spaces case of Mumbai and Pune IAETSD Journal for Advanced Research in Applied Sciences, Vol 4, Issue 3, August /2017. ISSN (ONLINE): 2394-8442
  5. A. Kakirde, I. Sagar Role of Tourism in Planning the Urban Areas ICTSET2018  2nd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science, Engineering & Technology , Vol 8, Issue 9, Sept. 2018,  ISBN: 978-93-87793-46-0
  6. R. Sanglikar, A. Kakirde, Analyzing Effectiveness of Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) in Relation to Livability in the Urban Area ,International Conference on Resilient and Livable City Planning, SPA Vijaywada, 10-13 February 2021
  7. S. Nilawar, A. Kakirde, Evaluating the Impact of Urbanization on Urban Health using GIS as the tool, National Online Conference on Planning, Design and Management 2021. 26-27 Feb. 2021
  8.  S. Shisode, A.Kakirde, B. Pawar, Analyzing role of street vendors in street Designing- A case of Malegaon, National Online Conference on Planning, Design and Management 2021. 26-27 Feb. 2021
  9.  T. Sathe, A. Kakirde, Assessing the Role of Gender in Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector in Slums: A Case of NaviPeth, Pune, National Online Conference on Planning, Design and Management 2021. 26-27 Feb. 2021
  10. S. kanade, T. Sathe, A. Kakirde, Appraising the Urban Design of  Navi Peth ,  A case study of Pune City,  National Online Conference on Planning, Design and Management 2021. 26-27 Feb. 2021
  11.  V. Honap,A. Kakirde, A. Maske, Analyzing the causes of water pollution: a critical study of mula mutha river, National Online Conference on Planning, Design and Management 2021. 26-27 Feb. 2021
  12. S. Padole, A. Kakirde, Impact of walkability on public health, National Online Conference on Planning, Design and Management 2021. 26-27 Feb. 2021

Memberships and Affiliations: 

  1. Member of Council of Architecture
  2. Associate member of Institute of Town Planners, India 
  3. Member of International Academy for Science & Technology Education and Research (IASTER)

Current Projects : 

Conducted internship at College of Engineering, Pune for Town Planning students, Civil Dept. on “Perception study of Mula Mutha river for Restoration”. Interactions with various stakeholders and active participation of students under our aegis.

Teaching Experience: 


Research Experience: 


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