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Capt. Dr. Mahendra Kamalakar Ranjekar




Applied Science


Phone Number: 

+91 20 25507033


Teaching Experience: 


Industry Experience: 


Research Experience: 



Ph.D. (Microbiology)
M.Phil.(Life Sciences, Microbiology)
M.Sc. (Microbiology)

Teaching Responsibility: 

Science of Living Systems
Environmental Science

Teaching Interests: Bioengineering, Bioprocess developments and Reactor Design, Agricultural Biotechnology, Siderophore Technology

Additional Responsibility: 

Rector-CoEP Hostel Campus
Spandan Faculty Advisor
Drama Faculty Advisor
Zest Faculty Advisor
Mind Spark Faculty Advisor


1. Mahendra K. Ranjekar and Sudhir Chincholkar( 2009) Actinomycetes Siderophore for growth of Gram (Cicer aeritinum). Paper accepted in KKU Journal, Thailand. (ISSN-0859-3957).
2. Ranjekar, M. K. and Chincholkar, S. B. (2007) Screening for Potential Siderophoregenic actinomycetes from Alkaline Water –Sediment of Lonar Lake. Journal of Microbial World. 9(2): 274-278. ( ISSN-1972-1487).
3. Ayesha G. Siddiqui, U.N. Ramdhami, B.D.Shelke, M.K.Ranjekar and B.S.Nagoba(2007) Studies on effect of Pyocyanin Pigment on pathogens commonly involved in pyogenic infections. Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology, and Environmental Sciences. 9(4): 797-798. (ISSN-0972-3005).
4. Ramdhami, U.N., Shelke, B.D., Siddiqui, A.G., Ranjekar,M.K. and Nagoba, B.S. (2007) Studies on antifungal activity of Pyocyanin pigment. Bionano Frontiers. 1(1): 82-85. (ISSN-0974-0678).
5. Siddiqui, A.G., Shelke, B.D., Ramdhami, U.N., Ranjekar,M.K. and Nagobaiers, B.S.(Use of Urine as a growth medium for common Urinary Pathogens. Bionano Frontiers 1(2):175-177.(ISSN-0974-0678).
6. Aleem, U.V., Vitekar, M.M., Siddiqui, A.G., Deshmukh, M.B. and Ranjekar, M.K. (2005) “Production of Biosurfactants by Microorganisms” In: Bioactive Compounds: New Frontiers and Therapeutic Usage. ( Mohan, S. K. and Gacche Eds.) pp: 59-73.
7. Patil, N. R., Siddiqui, A. G., Deshmukh, M. B., and Ranjekar, M. K. ( 2003) Use of Ancient Vedic Method for enhancement of crop yield. In: Plant Biotechnology for Agriculture and Rural development. (More, D.R. and Baig, M.M.V. Eds.) pp.59-73.
8. Vedpathak, D. V., Awasthi, R.S. Nagoba, B.S. and Ranjekar, M.K. (2003) Screening of soils from medicinal plant hill for isolation of antibacterial substance producing microorganisms. In: Biotechnology in Agriculture, Industry and Environment. ( Deshmukh, A. M. Ed. ) pp: 262-263.
9. Ranjekar, M.K. and Sridhar, K.R. (2002) Occurrence and extracellular Enzyme Potential of actinomycetes of a thermal spring, Southern India. Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Science. 4(1): 59-64. (ISSN-0972-3005).
10. Ranjekar, M. K. and Sridhar, K.R. (1993) Preliminary studies on Antibacterial activity of Thermal spring Streptomycetes. Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology. 8(2): 62-67. (ISSN- 0256-8551).

Memberships and Affiliations: 

MFUCTO, Indian Science Congress

Current Projects : 

1) AICTE sanctioned research project for transfer of technology to rural area ( 5.0 Lakh)

2) Development of Siderophore based Biofertilizer for Aadicon Biotechnologies, a  Multinational company at Republic of Mauritius.

3) Design and commissioning of Bioreactors for Aadicon Biotechnologies and Green Vitals Biotech, India

4) Bioengineering, Bioprocess developments and Reactor Design, Agricultural Biotechnology, Siderophore Technology


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