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Dr. Priti Paresh Rege

Awards / honours  received :


1. Gold Medal at M.E. by Devi Ahilya University of Indore, Indore (M.P.)

2. Recipient of “Nagarkar Fellowship” given by Ramchandra Dattatraya Pratrshthan , Pune, for carrying out research in “Subband Coding’.

3. Recipient of best paper award for paper, “ Structural Approach in Recognition of Handwritten Devnagari Script”, National Conference TSyGECA-06, Aurangabad,  23-24 Jan. 2006.

4. Recipient of Best research paper award by the “Hari Ohm Ashram Prerit Shri Bhaikaka Inter-University Smarak Trust”, for the year 2006-07 in Computer Science and Computer Engineering Subject. ( Paper Titled “Discrete Wavelet Transform Based Robust Image Protection Techniques”, Journal of Institution of Engineers (India), Electronics Division, January 2006. )

5. Recipient of Best faculty award by Cognizant for year 2012-13.




Electronics & Telecommunication


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Ph.D, M.E.

Teaching Responsibility: 

UG level: Microprocessor Techniques Image processing and pattern recognition, Microprocessor Interfacing and Peripherals,System programming and Operating systems, Electronic Design, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Basic Electronics

PG level : DSP and Applications, Image Processing, Digital Techniques in Signal Processing, Computer based Modelling, Expert Systems, Speech and Image processing, Multidimensional Signal processing, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Additional Responsibility: 

Chair person, Institute Grievance Committee
Coordinatior, Faculty Development (TEQIP)


List of Publications of Dr. Mrs. P.P.Rege

Edited the Proceedings of INCON 2004. Published by Tata Mc. Graw Hills.



List of Papers for Journals


1. Mehul Raval, Priti P. Rege,” watermarks and Need for Benchmarking Watermarkin schemes”, Review paper, CSI Communication Magazine, July, 2003

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5. P.P.Rege, Mehul Rawal, “Scaler Quantization based Multiple Patterns Data Hiding Techniques for Gray Scale Images”, ICGST International Journal on Graphics, Vision and Image Processing Journal,  Vol. 5, Issue-9, Dec 2005

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11. Vibha Vyas, Priti P. Rege, “Real Coded Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Parameter Selection in Circular Mellin Feature Extractor”, International Journal of Computers and Applications, ACTA Press, Vol 30, No. 2, pp 134-141, January 2008

12.  Vibha Vyas, Priti Rege, “Geometric Transform Invariant Texture analysis with Modified Zernike moments based algorithm”, International Journal of Fundamenta Informaticae, EATCS ISSN: 0169-2968, Volume 88, Number 1-2, pp 177-192, 2008

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15. Sujata Aagashe, Priti Rege, “ Acoustic Signal Analysis for Fault Identification of a Control Valve”, ICGST International Journal on Automatic Control and System Engineering, ISSN 1678-4811, Vol. 8, Issue III, pp 29-35, January 2009.

16. Priti Rege, Anand Chiddarwar, “Enhancement of Palm Leaf Manuscript and Color Document Images with Synthetic Background Generation, Journal of Advances in Engineering Science, Section C, No. 3, ISSN :0973:9041, pp 25-34, September  2008.

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21. Anagha Panditrao, Priti P. Rege, “Estimation of spectral Response of a Consumer Grade Digital Still Camera and its Application for Temperature Measurement”, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, Vol. 47, pp 703-707, October 2009. (Impact Factor : 0.763 )

22. Prachi Mukherji, Priti Rege, “Shape Feature and Fuzzy Logic Based Offline Devnagari Handwritten Optical Character Recognition," Journal of Pattern Recognition Research, 4(2009),  pp 52-68, 2009.

23. Prachi Mukherji, Priti Rege, "Hierarchical Attributed Relational Graph based Devnagari Character Recognition", International Journal of Information Processing, 4(3), 22-33, ISSN : 0973-8215, 2010.

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27.  Radhika Joshi, Priti P. Rege, “ Verification of Energy efficient Optimized link State Routing protocol using Petri Net”, International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks (IJWMN) Vol. 3, No. 4, August 2011 (Impact Factor : 2.082)

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Watermarking Technique for Colour Image”, ACEEE Int. J. on Signal & Image Processing, Vol. 03, No. 01, pp. 15-20, Jan 2012

33. Vandana Inamdar, Priti P, Rege, “ Face Feature Based Biometric Watermarking of Digital Image using Singular Value Decomposition for Fingerprinting”, International Journal of Security and Its Applications, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp 47-60, April 2012. (ISSN: 1738-9976)

34. Priti P. Rege, Chanchal Chandrakar “Text-Image Separation in Document Images Using Boundary/Perimeter Detection” ACEEE Int. Journal on Signal & Image Processing, Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan 2013.

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Papers at International Conferences


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Papers at National Conferences.

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Memberships and Affiliations: 

Senior member IEEE, member ISTE, BMESI, IEI, IETE

Current Projects : 

1. Principal Investigator : Rs. 45.25 lac from DST for “Investigation into laser hardening of C. I. cylinder liner and process assessment through thermography” , Sanctioned in December 2010 for 3 years.
2. Co-principle Investigator : Rs. 17,85,900/- from BRNS for Protocol Simulation and Testing, performance evaluation and development of reliable protocol for given application areas in mobile ad hoc wireless networks using QualNet Simulator. Sanctioned in March 2010
3. Co-Investigator : Rs. 13.03 lac for “Securing Biometric data using Data Hiding Techniques”, in association with Dr. Mehul Raval from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Near Indroda Circle, Gandhinagar. Sanctioned in November 2010 for 3 years

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