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Dr. Reshma Bhosale



Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Applied Science

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020-2550 7554




  • Post doctorate from Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER), Pune, 2017- 2019
  • Ph.D. from CSIR - National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune, 2008 - 2015
  • M.Sc. Chemistry (GPA- 5.2/6) from Department of Chemistry, Savitribai Phule Pune University, 2006 -2008
  • B.Sc. Chemistry (Distinction), Modern College of Arts, Science & Commerce, 2003 - 2006


Awards :

  • First rank holder in M.Sc.
  • First rank holder in all 3 years of B.Sc.

  • Best Graduate of the year (2006) in T.Y.B.Sc.

  • Awarded "Acoris Fellowship" 2007 for M.Sc. based on merit basis and interview

  • Awarded CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) 2012 for Ph.D.

  • Best poster award in IUMRS- ICEM international conference 2010, Korea.


Courses Taught: 

  • Applied Chemistry
  • Chemistry laboratory


Responsibilities Shouldered: 

  • Mentor of F.Y.B. Tech Engineering Students (2019-2020)
  • Developing teaching material, notes and presentation for students
  • Developing E-learning content of Theory and laboratory of Chemistry.


Research Project & Publication Details: 

First Author/Corresponding Author Publications:
  1. Neha Shrama, Tilak Das, Santosh Kumar, Reshma Bhosale,* Mukul Kabir, Satishchandra Ogale *Photocatalytic Activation and Reduction of CO2 to CH4 over Single Phase Nano Cu3SnS4: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study,ACS Applied Energy Materials,2019,2, 8, 5677-5685.
  2. Reshma Bhosale, Srashti Jain, Vinod Prabhakaran, Santosh Kumar and Satishchandra Ogale *A direct Z-scheme g-C3N4/FeWO4 nanocomposite for Enhanced and Selective Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction under Visible Light,ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,2019, 11 (6), pp 6174–6183.
  3. G. Shiva Shanker, Reshma Bhosale,* Satishchandra Ogale,*and Angshuman Nag*2D Nanocomposite of g-C3N4 and TiN Embedded N-doped Graphene for Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Water usingSunlight, Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2018, 5, 24,1801488.
  4. Reshma Bhosale,*Sarika Kelkar, Golu Parte, Rohan Fernandes, Dushyant Kothari and Satishchandra Ogale*. NiS1.97: A New Ecient Water Oxidation Catalyst for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2015, 7 (36), 20053–20060.
  5. Reshma Bhosale,*Shruti Agarkar, Ishita Agrawal, Rounak Naphade, Satishchandra Ogale*,Nanophase CuInS2 nanosheets/CuS composite grown by the SILAR method leads to high performance as a counter electrode in DSSC,RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 21989–21996.
  6. Reshma Bhosale,* Rajesh Hyam, P Dhanya and Satishchandra Ogale*, Chlorate ion mediated rutile to anatase reverse phase transformation in TiO2 nanosystem, Dalton Trans., 2011, 40, 11374–11377.
  7. Reshma Bhosale, Rajeshkumar Hyam, Wanjoo Lee, S. H. Han, Bèatrice Hannoyer and Satishchandra Ogale*. Room Temperature Synthesis of Rutile TiO2 Hierarchical Nanoneedle Flower Morphology for DSSC, Nanosci. and Nanotechnol., 2010, 10, 5894–5898.

Co-author Publications:

  1. John Mallows, Miquel Planells, Vishal Thakare, Reshma Bhosale, Satishchandra Ogale * & Neil Robertson *, p- type NiO Hybrid Photodetector,ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2015, 7 (50), 27597–27601.
  2. Gylen Odling, Reshma Bhosale, Satishchandra Ogale & Neil Robertson * Sequential Ionic Layer Adsorption Reaction Formation of LaVO4-TiO2 Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Water Purification, Adv. Mat., 2020,1, 271-280.
  3. Poonam Yadav, Reshma Bhosale, Santosh Kumar, Manjusha Shelke, Satishchandra Ogale * Tunable syngas production from CdS by photocatalytic CO2 reduction with mitigated charge recombination driven by spatially separated Ni2P cocatalyst. (Manuscript Under Preparation).
  4. Bhumika Upadhyay, Reshma Bhosale,Satishchandra Ogale, Sagar Pandit *Bio-photoelectrochemical water splitting from composite of A. Thaliana plant species/Multiwalled carbon nanotubes fabricated photoelectrode.(Manuscript Under Preparation)


Book Chapter- Nanostructured Photocatalyst :

Two Dimensional Materials for Photocatalytic Water Splitting and CO2 Reduction”, Reshma Bhosale, Surendar Tonda, Santosh Kumar and Satishchandra Ogale, Elsevier, June  2020



Reshma Bhosale, Rajeshkumar Hyam, Dr. Satishchandra Ogale. One step electrochemical process for the synthesis of pure rutile titanium dioxide nanoneedles

PATENT GRANTED 1) European EP 2376386 B1

                                 2) Indian IN 269059




Conferences/Presentations :

  • Participant and member of organizing committee of International Workshop on Nanotechnology and Advanced Functional Materials, NCL, Pune, 2009
  • National Symposium on nanomaterials and their applications, Fergusson College, Pune, 2009 Best Poster Award in IUMRS-ICEM international Conference, Korea, 2010
  • Participant and member of organizing committee of International Workshop on Nanotechnology and Advanced Functional Materials, NCL, Pune, 2013
  • Poster presentation at National Science Day, NCL, Pune, 2014
  • Oral presentation at 2018 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, Boston, USA
  • Conference on Energy Day, IISER, 2018
  • Energy and Mobility in IISER, Pune 2019
  • Opportunities and challenges in Materials for Energy Generation and storage for E - Vehicles,  COEP, 2020


Webinars :

  • Bio energies : Technologies and Transistions, NIT, Rourkela, 18 May, 2020
  • Endofullerenes : Nanoscale test tubes for single molecules and atoms, Dean Dhayal Upadhyaya college of Delhi, 8 June, 2020             
  • Cerififcation course of digital teaching training, ICT academy, July 2020
  • Thermoplastic composites for sustainable future: Opportunuties with Recycling,Repair  and Reuse, Synergy Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, Aug 2020       




Teaching Experience: 


Research Experience: 


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