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Dr. Sukhanand Sopan Bhosale


Professor and Secretary, Planning and Evaluation Committee




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  • B.E.Civil (Pune University).
  • M.E.Civil - Geotechnical Engineering(Pune University)
  • PhD-Geotechnical Engineering (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)

Date of Joining COEP: 

Friday, November 13, 1992

Prior to joining COEP Industrial Experience (Years): 


Prior to joining COEP Teaching/Research Experience (Years): 


Area of Research: 

  • Foundation on Expansive Soil
  • Slope Stabilization.
  • Soil-Structure Interaction through instrumented laboratory and field tests.
  • Geosynthetics reinforced pavement for sustainable technology.
  • Soil Stabilization and Ground Improvement.
  • Seepage Analysis.
  • Flow Analysis.

Courses Taught: 

Geotechnical Engineering, Foundation Engineering, Advanced Geotechnical Engineering, Advanced Foundation Engineering, Geotechnical Exploration and Instrumentation, Earth Dam and Retaining Structures, Reinforced Earth and Geotextile, FEM in Geomechanics, Rock Mechanics. Soil-Structure Interaction, Fluid Mechanics.


Subjects taught in the past:
Surveying I and II, Building Construction, Building Design and Drawing, Construction Management, Engineering Mechanics. 


Responsibilities Shouldered: 

Secretary, Planning and Evaluation Committee, College of Engineering Pune

Number of PhD/ M.Tech/ B.Tech students guided: 

Students Supervised 

  • PhD:- 1 No.
  • Ongoing PhD Students:- 3 Nos.
  • M.Tech:- 34 Nos.
  • Ongoing M.Tech Students:- 4 Nos.

Research Project & Publication Details: 

Journal Papers:

  1. Bhosale S. S. and Phatak D. R. (2000), “Geotextile Reinforced Unpaved Road Design : Modified Houlsby Approach”, Ground Engineering, The magazine of the British Geotechnical Society, London, Vol. 33, No. 06, June 2000, pp 34 – 37.
  2. Bhosale S. S. and Mandal J. N.(2007), “Experimental Study for Evaluating Crack Retardation of Asphalt Concrete Overlays”, ASTM Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Vol. 35, No. 6, November 2007, pp 589 - 601.
  3. Ingale G. S. and Bhosale S. S. (2017),”Geosynthetics reinforced flexible pavement: review of laboratory model studies”,International Journal of Engineering & Technology,Vol. 6, Issue 4,pp 103-107
  4. Ingale G. S. and Bhosale S. S. (2017),”Full-Scale Laboratory Accelerated Test on Geotextile Reinforced Unpaved Road”, International Journal of Geosynthetics and Ground Engineering, Springer International Publishing AG, Vol. 3, Issue 4, pp 30 – 33
  5. Ingale G. S. and Bhosale S. S. (2019),”Development of Full-Scale Laboratory Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility: A Step Towards Performance Assessment of Geosynthetics Reinforced Pavement”, International Journal of Innovative Infrastructure Solutions, Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019, (2019) 4:21,Published Online 21 March 2019, Total pages 12.
  6. Shahane H. S. and Bhosale S. S. (2019),”E-Waste Plastic Powder Modified Bitumen: Rheological Properties and Performance Study of Bituminous Concrete”, Road Materials and Pavement Design 10, (DOI: 10.1080/14680629.2019.164294), Total pages 22.
  7. Dabir V. V. and Bhosale S. S. (2019),”E-Waste An Economic Lysimeter Setup for Fly Ash Leachate Studies”, International Journal of Environmental and Waste Management 24 (2), 195-209


  1. Dalvi Rupa, Bhosale S. S. and Pise P. J. (2005), “Analysis for Passive Earth Pressure – Catenary Arch in Soil”, Indian Geotechnical Journal, Vol. 35, No. 4, October 2005, pp 388 - 400.
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  4. Maskar A. D. and Bhosale S. S. (2014),”LRFD Approach for the Design of Reinforced Soil Walls: Comparative Study with the Conventional Methods”, Journal of IRC “Indian Highways”, Vol. 42, No. 11, November 2014, pp 13 – 19.                                                                     
  5. Pakhare Jagjit Laxman and Bhosale Sukhanand Sopan (2017),”Effect of E-Waste Plastic as Aggregate Replacement on Marshall Mix Design of Dense Bituminous Macadam”, Journal of IRC “Indian Highways”, Vol. 45, No. 4, April 2017, pp 51 – 60.



  1. Bhosale S. S. (2006), “Strength Evaluation of Fiber Reinforced Hot Mixed Open Graded Asphalt Concrete”, Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Geosynthetics, September 18-22, 2006, Yokohama, Japan, pp 801-804.
  2. Bhosale S. S. and Kambale B. R. (2008), “Laboratory Study for Evaluation of Membrane Effect of Geotextile in Unpaved Road”, The 12th International Conference of International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG), October 1-6, 2008, Goa, India, pp 4385 - 4391.
  3. Bhosale S. S. and Mandal J. N. (2008), “Open Graded Asphalt Concrete for Mitigation of Reflection Cracking on Asphalt Concrete Overlays”, The 12th International Conference of International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG), October 1-6, 2008, Goa, India, pp 4409 - 4416.
  4. Mankar T. U. and Bhosale S. S. (2015), “Use of E-waste as a Partial Aggregate Replacement in an Open Graded Asphalt Concrete”, The 9thInternational Conference on Road and Airfield Pavement Technology ( 9th ICPT 2015), August 9-13, 2015, Dalian, China.


  1. Bhosale S. S. and Mandal J. N. (2005), “Use of Geosynthetics in Retarding Reflection Cracking on Asphalt Overlays”, Proceedings of National Conference on “Recent Trends in Geotechnology”, February 12 – 13, 2005, PuneUniversity, Pune.
  2. Bhosale S. S. (2005), “Strength Evaluation of Hot Mixed Dense Graded Bituminous Macadam”, Proceedings of Indian Geotechnical Conference IGC – 2005, Vol. I, December 17-19, 2005, Ahmedabad, pp 203 – 206.
  3. Bhangale L. A. and Bhosale S. S. (2010), “Stabilized Soil Evaluation using Laboratory Resistivity Cell”, Proceedings of Indian Geotechnical Conference IGC – 2010, “GEOtrendz”, IIT Bombay, Dec 16-18, 2010, Vol I, pp 343-346.
  4. Ingale G. S. and Bhosale S. S. (2013), “Critical Study of Geogrid Reinforced Unpaved Road”, Proceedings of “Technical Seminar – 2013”, Border Roads Organization, GREF Centre & Records, Pune, July 18-19, 2013, pp 83-92.

Memberships and Affiliations: 

  1. Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)- Life Member (LM 02928)
  2. Institutions of Engineers, India (IEI) Member - M/104099/5pter (LM 70) 
  3. Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS) Life Member (LM 1453)
  4. Indian Roads Congress (IRC) -Life Member (LM 30730)
  5. Indian Geotechnical Society- Pune Cha
  6. Member of ISSMGE (2018-21)

Current Projects : 

  • Geosynthetics Reinforced Flexible Pavement Design.
  • Numerical Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction For Rigid Pavement.
  • Rain Induced Slope Stability Analysis Using Physical Centrifuge Model.
  • Electrical resistivity for determination of soil properties.
  • Mechanistic behaviour of stabilized soil subgrade.

Teaching Experience: 


Research Experience: 


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