Be a part of our success
story and help us reach the stars!

Silver - Rs.1,000 - Rs.4,000 - Keychain
Gold - Rs.4,000 - Rs.9,000 - Keychain & Cap
Platinum - Rs.10,000+ - Keychain, Cap & T-Shirt
Guidelines for Donation

Corporate Sponsorship Benefits

Logo on Car
Positive Image
Logo on Flex
Logo on Apparel
Relation with College
Logo on Driver suit and Helmet
Logo on cards and brochures
Display during College Fests
Display at events like The Valley Run
Display at Formula Student Events
Naming rights
Availability of the car for promotional events

Sagar     (+91) 98700 05739
Rounak   (+91) 94220 22114

Total Money Raised

Covered -
Rs. 5,00,000
Expected Sponsorship
Rs. 18,34,000

Annual Budget 2017

Vehicle Cost
INR 14,54,000
Aministrative Cost
INR 10,93,000

Brakes: INR 80,000
Electronics: INR 1,40,000
Suspension: INR 3,02,000
Engine: INR 2,70.000
Roll Cage: INR 1,05,000
Aeropack: INR 2,00,000
Steering: INR 86,000
Wheel Assembly: INR 2,71,000
Ragistrations: INR 1,07,000
Transportation: INR 7,00,000
Driver Equipments: INR 75,000
Miscellaneous: INR 61,000
Accomodation: INR 1,50,000
Total: Rs. 25,47,000

Registration fees (for Formula Student India and SUPRA 2016)
Rs. 1,62,000
Brakes (Willwood Brakes Kit, assembly & Lines & spares)
Rs. 85,000
Electronics (Wires, Crimps, Connectors, Sensors, Harness)
Rs. 96,000
Suspension (Dampers, Springs, Wishbone, Bearings and spares)
Rs. 1,25,000
Engine (KTM Duke 390 Engine, Intake, Exhaust and spares)
Rs. 1,35,000
Drivetrain (Differential, Assembly, Chain, Sprocket, Axle and spares)
Rs. 75,000
Frame & Body (Chassis, Bodypanel, Sidepods, floor, Dashboard)
Rs. 65,000
Steering (Rack & pinion, Detachable, Housing, Tie rods, bearings, Joints and spares)
Rs. 25,000
Wheel Assembly (Hub, Spacer, Stub, Uprights, Wheel Bearings, Tyres, Rims and spares)
Rs. 1,85,000
Transportation (To events & local transportation for testing & publicity drives)
Rs. 80,000
Tools, equipment and small machines
Rs. 25,000
Testing Track (Downtaown Racing Kharadi)
Rs. 25,000
Driver Equipments (Balaclava, gloves and socks)
Rs. 12,000
Research & Development (Testing of alternative materials/samples, 3d scan for study etc.)
Rs. 55,000
Miscellaneous (Printing, merchendise for sponsors, stickers, vinyls)
Rs. 20,000
Rs. 11,70,000