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COEP Amateur Radio Club



Established in 1986, Amateur Radio Club, popularly called as HAM (call sign VU2COE) is one of the oldest technical clubs in COEP. Amateur Radio is a community of people that use radio transmitters and receivers to communicate all over the globe. It is not only a hobby but also a means of studying wireless communication, since the HAM frequencies need not be bought but are free for those who are licensed Amateur Radio operators.

COEP HAM club has communicated practically with every major country of the world including USA, China, Germany, Japan and Russia to name a few. Over the years this club has not only carried out HAM activities but also done various projects and studies. It has also provided license to many aspiring radio HAM operators.

COEP HAM club every year builds various antennas, especially YAGI, that enables communication via transceivers. Study of various wireless communication aspects like electromagnetic radiation, antenna theory, Morse code is also carried out. HAM club also organises A.S.O.C (Amateur Station operator’s certificate) examination that enables a person to become licensed HAM operator. It also conducts various workshops and seminars in other colleges and cities wherein it gathers a lot of crowd.

HAM frequency band is a free and open band that anyone can use for studying wireless communication. Also an antenna array is being planned to be constructed under HAM. Rotor system will also be designed this year. There is a lot of future scope in this field of wireless analog communication. This is because even though digitization has become widespread, digital signals have to make use of analog signals for transmission. 

Location of the club:

Locator – MK68WM

Latitude – 18.531203

Longitude – 73.8553


Become a part of our HAM community by registering on this site! 

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