Gymkhana is the regulatory body governing all sports, cultural and extra-curricular activities at COEP. 

With an amazing array of Extracurricular clubs and Societies, COEP is a 
wonderful place for exploring the different facets of science, culture and 

Students at COEP engage themselves in large number of extra-curricular activities and a student can find an interest group corresponding to almost any hobby. Sports are structured so as to help every aspirant to find his or her level and improve from there and for that we have state of the art facilities  available at the college campus. Student involvement in the campus clubs is an impetus for self realization, and helps maintain a healthy balance between academic rigor and the social life. 

Cultural activities includes various performing and non-performing arts, which are run by set of clubs . The vibrant club culture on campus is something unique to COEP, and helps to nurture and develop talent. Technical activities are also an integral part of student extra-curriculars with a host of technical and scientific clubs fostering hobby-based learning in the technical and scientific fields. 



President: Director,BOSD Dr.M.P. Khond

Vice President: Prof. Nilima Kolhare

Assistant Director Of Physical Education: Mrs A.N Deshpande

Gymkhana Office Incharge: S.S Gosavi

Gymkhana Secretary: Mr. Durgesh Nagulkar (Ph.No.: +91 7391932621)

Gymkhana Auditor: Mr. Tejas Chaudhari (Ph. No.: +91 80108 62523)

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