PEOs, PSOs and POs


Program Educational Objectives

 PEO1: Core Competency: Graduate will solve real world problems appropriate to the discipline using foundation of mathematics, science and Instrumentation & Control Engineering

PEO2: Breadth: Graduate will apply current industry accepted practices, new and emerging technologies to analyze, design, implement, and maintain state-of-art solutions.

PEO3: Learning Environment: Exhibit self- learning capabilities to assimilate and practice emerging theories and technologies. Exhibit teamwork and effective communication skills.

PEO4: Professionalism: Inculcate professional and ethical attitude and ability to relate automation issues to society at large.

PEO5: Preparation: Be successfully employed or accepted into a graduate program / higher studies, and demonstrate a pursuit of lifelong learning.


Program Outcomes

The program outcomes of Under Graduate Instrumentation and Control Engineering are as follows:

    a. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, Science and Engineering to Instrumentation and Control Discipline.

      b. An ability to design and conduct experiments for measurement, measurement  devices / elements, control System, variety of control algorithms paradigms, final control elements, etc., and ability to analyse and interpret data

        c. Be able to apply the principles and practices for instrument / system / equipment / device design and development to real world problems adhering to safety and regulatory standards as applicable.

          d. Be able to work effectively in a various team (may be multidisciplinary teams).

            e. An ability to identify, formulate and solve a problem in Instrumentation and Control Engineering.

              f. Understand the social impact of automation, safety aspects of automation, hazards associated with various processes, environmental issues, professional ethics, etc.  

                g. An ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form while formulating project proposals, reports and other related documents.

                  h. Understand the impact of Instrumentation and Control solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.

                    i. Demonstrate the knowledge and capabilities necessary for pursuing a professional career or graduate studies; recognize the need for continuing professional development.

                      j. Understanding of contemporary and emerging technology for various processes and systems.

                      k. Ability to select and use latest hardware and software tools for various processes and systems.

                        l. Demonstrate an understanding of sensors / transducers, control system, complete automation system.

                          m. Demonstrate proficiency in using a high-level / low level programming languages and network protocols for embedded system applications and networked systems.

                          PG POs and PEOs

                          1. Process Instrumentation.

                          2. Biomedical Instrumentation.


                          CO-PO Attainment for T Y B Tech Course : Microcontroller Techniques and its applications

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