Aerial Robot Study Circle (ARSC)




Welcome to the ARSC (Aerial Robot Study Circle), COEP Technological University's vibrant and creative club. We are a young club  that is driven by a desire to construct aerial robots that can revolutionize the way we tackle real-world problems for individuals and industries. Our major goal is to create cutting-edge technology and compete in renowned national and international contests. However, our dedication does not stop there. We are committed to increasing young understanding and awareness of aerial robots, and to that end, we routinely organize seminars and invite industry leaders to offer their essential insights. As we reflect on our incredible adventure thus far, we strive to continue pushing boundaries and aspire to achieve nothing less than excellence. Join us as we soar to new heights in the world of aerial robotics! 

Checkout the Aerial shot of our campus 

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Annual Activity: 

  1. Representing COEP in AeroTHON (an inter-nation competition) 

  1. Floral tribute on national events, honouring and marking patriotism. 

  1. Delivering impactful projects that improve well-being of the society. 

  1. Organizing various robotics events in Mindspark 

  1. Participating in various robotics competitions and events to showcase our skills and innovations in the field of robotics 

  1. Organizing informative seminars and workshops to enhance knowledge and skills. 




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