Aerial Robot Study Circle (ARSC)



COEP Technological University

Aerial Robot Study Circle (ARSC)


Aerial Robot Study Circle (ARSC, COEP Tech), the premier aerial robotics club of ‘College of Engineering Pune Technological University’, is a unique space where club members have engineered numerous aerial robots for practical use cases such as medicine delivery, shower of blooms for national celebrations and important occasions, aerial photography, automation in aerial robots and building a versatile fleet of drones in various sizes, specifically designed for manoeuvring in challenging and critical environments. The club regularly competes in national and international drone competitions. We are elated to have attained the number one spot in the prestigious Robo Falconry event, hosted by Mindspark.



Annual Activity:

  1. Representing COEP in AeroTHON (an inter-nation competition)
  2. Floral tribute on national events, honouring and marking patriotism.
  3. Delivering impactful projects that improve well-being of the society.
  4. Organizing various robotics events in Mindspark
  5. Participating in various robotics competitions and events to showcase our skills and innovations in the field of robotics
  6. Organizing informative seminars and workshops to enhance knowledge and skills.

Projects completed:

  1. Fleet of Drones of Various Sizes
  2. Specialized flower showering payload
  3. Efficient Medicine Delivery Payload
  4. Poster Unfurling Payload
  5. Automated Drone
  6. 3D Printed Custom Designed Frames
  7. High-performance drone for stunning videography and aerial photography
  8. Custom-engineered silent propellers


Ongoing projects:

  1. High-payload drone capable of carrying 10-50kg.
  2. Indigenous Flight Controller
  3. Automated Flying Robot
  4. Surveillance Drone


Future Projects:

  1. Swarm Technology for Drones
  2. Bird robot for manoeuvring in critical places
  3. VR (FPV) Drones
  4. Ornithopter
  5. Fixed wing UAVs
  6. RC Plane