COEP Student New Invention Of Making Artificial Body Parts Affordable

       COEP in collaboration with GEOMETRIC has started 3D make lab. 3D Make Lab is Concept to creation (C2C) is a public-access facility for 3D printing, and related technology –. It provides rich expertise and education in these powerful new 3D tools. It also enable students and companies to use the lab to build their creative concepts, research and development work.

We work on different research areas under 3D Make Lab one of which is Biomedical Applications. Dr. Vikas Chougule, PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Arati Mulay had developed an interface (Osto3D) for conversion of CT scan data into 3D BioCAD models which in turn printed using 3D printing facilities at 3D Make Lab.

Different case studies done under this project are listed below-

           1. various surgical guides were developed for Minimum Invasive Spine Surgery(MISS), which were clinically tried in surgeries of scoliosis patients in association with BKL Walawalkar Hospital, Dervan, Dist. Chiplun, MH, India

  1.  Case study of auricular prosthesis is done with Armed Force Medical College Pune. Figure illustrates some bio-models developed in 3D Make Lab, which are used by doctors to preplan the surgery and minimize the operation time.

Check out the video below:



Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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