Our cultural festival, Impressions, passionately started by the artists for the artists is a dynamic and lively platform for folk to showcase a multitude of their artistic talents to the fullest. After a successful fourth edition, with an overwhelming footfall of over 10,000, from rocking concerts to melodies, from rhythmic beats of instruments to calming words of shayaris and poetry and a lot more, we have come a long way. We invite artists from all over the country to come and experience this exceptionally gripping and enjoyable cultural event where Music, Dance, Dramatics, Arts and Crafts, Literature, Digital Art and Camera and other diverse arts are boxed together to create an atmosphere of vigour and gusto.

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Check out the After Movie of Impressions'19: Click Here

This year with double the enthusiasm, the 5th edition of Impressions is back in altogether a different mode, a virtual one, easing its way to reach all the people out there, in far away corners only to integrate each other’s uniqueness and passions giving rise to a blend of styles and emotions. It was a great pleasure to have very talented artists to grace our Artistine Series that added beats and rhythm to the monotonous lockdown. This year, our inaugural ceremony was graced by one of the most versatile actors, Pankaj Tripathi on 26th October along with our theme release: Rhythms of Renaissance.

Theme release Impressions 2020 link :

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Presenting to you some of the best events with some of the best judges, Impressions 2020 is here to take you through Rhythms of Renaissance to experience transformation through art! Join us to make this edition a grand success, a huge one on virtual platform and emerge as one of the best!

So mark the dates in your calendar 20th, 21st and 22nd December 2020 and check out our social media handles for regular updates!

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Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Nandini V. Iyer, Dr. Kshipra V. Moghe

Impressions 2020 Secretary:

Rohan Ghatpande

+91 9422322895

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