Pune Startup Fest


Pune Startup Fest

About Pune Startup Fest:

Pune Startup Fest, an annual event organized by Bhau’s I & E-Cell at the COEP Technological University, Pune, is a unique Startup Expo providing a vital platform for students and startups to engage with the entrepreneurial world. The fest aims to foster connections and offer opportunities for development by granting access to entrepreneurial resources and networks within the community.

About Us:

Bhau’s E-Cell at COEP Tech, is dedicated to cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. Our mission is to provide students and startups with a dynamic platform like the Pune Startup Fest to explore, connect, and thrive in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape.

Pune Startup Fest’23 Highlights:

The fifth edition, held on March 11th and 12th with the theme "A Concerto of Innovators," garnered significant success. Under the patronage of Startup India, PSF'23 attracted a massive footfall of 15,000+ attendees over the two days.

Startup Expo Highlights:

1.        170+ startup exhibitors from various sectors. Pitcher's Valley introduced.

2.        An infusion of Rs. 5.5 Cr was deployed as a capital investment at Pitcher's Valley

3.        A footfall of over 15,000 people.

4.        More than 120 investors, mentors, and industry experts.

5.        A prize pool of Rs. 1 Lakh was awarded for the competitions organised during PSF'23.

6.        A dedicated "Student Startup Zone" for enabling opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

7.        "Student Internships" - to help students find internships in startups.

8.        Rs. 12+ Cr were invested into startups over the last 5 years.


Notable PSF’23 Speakers and Guests:

1.    GaneshPrasad S. - Thinkschool

2.    Prasad Lendwe - Founder of CONVEY by FinnovationZ

3.    Sanjay Mehta – 100x VC

4.    Mahavir Pratap Sharma – THE India Angels

5.    Sanjay Katkar – CTO Quick Heal


  1. As we march towards the grand sixth edition in 2024 on 27th and 28th Jan, Pune Startup Fest continues to be a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and

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