WIFI Registration process for First Year,Direct Second Year and Mtech First Year

For wifi registration respective Class Representative (CR) should duly fill the excel sheet format available below for all students in that class.

Division wise updated excel sheet format should be emailed to helpdesk@coep.ac.in

All the columns highlighted with Red Color are compulsory and they should be filled completely. Once division wise list is received at helpdesk@coep.ac.in WiFi registrations will be done .

while sending the list rename your excel sheet as division_number_WiFi.xls in place of number you have to enter your division number.

For eg.division_1_WiFi.xls

In case you want to connect laptop to wifi seperate sheet is to be created.

just rename the sheet as division_number_WiFi_laptop.xls

Therefore CR should mail two different excel sheets for mobile and laptop/Tab

Note:One MIS id can be connected to Max 2 devices only

For finding MAC address, follow below steps: Settings->About Phone ->Status->Wifi MAC address

replace (colon) : by (hyphen) - which are there in MAC address.

Click here to download Wifi_registration sheet


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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