Name of the faculty member E-mail ids Contact Number
Dr. R.R.Joshi  rrj.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507041
Dr. M. S. Ranadive( Head of Department)


(020) 25507061/7065
Mr.B.G. Birajdar bwc@coep.ac.in


Dr.K.A.Patil kap.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507068
Dr. P.A Sadgir pas.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507072
Dr. S.S.Bhosale (Secretary, Planning and Evaluation Committee) ssb.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507067
Dr.(Mrs) S.N.Madhekar (Dean , R and D) snm.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507044
Dr. (Mrs)A.D. Thube adt.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507045
Dr.N.A Hedaoo nah.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507073
Dr.(Mrs.) R. S. Dalvi rsd.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507074
Dr. (Mrs.) V. B. Dawari  vbd.civil@coep.ac.in


Dr. K. K. Tripathi  kkt.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507083
Dr. I. P. Sonar  ips.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507046
Dr. (Mrs.) H. K. Munot hkm.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507051
Dr. M. U. Khobragade muk.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507714
Dr. (Mrs.) G. S. Vyas  gsv.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507064
Mrs. Y. T. Lomte Patil ytl.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507058
Dr. Nitin M. Mohite  nmm.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507077
Mr. S. M. Nawghare  smn.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507081
Ashish R. Akhare akharear.civil@coep.ac.in 02025507048
Professor Emiratus    
Dr.R.K.Suryavanshi  rks.civil@coep.ac.in 020-25507545


Professor of Practice    
Mr. Dilip M.Bhat  dmb.civil@coep.ac.in      


 Adjunct Professors

Dr. V. C. Hulsure vch.civil@coep.ac.in
Dr. V. D. Katare vdk.civil@coep.ac.in
Ms. D. L. Patil dlp.civil@coep.ac.in
Mr. S. K. Goudar skg.civil@coep.ac.in

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