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Course Outcomes | College of Engineering, Pune

Course Outcomes

Course Outcomes

Course Title : Optics and Modern Physics

Course code: PH 15001

Program: F Y BTech ( Sem -I)

Student should be able to:

  • Analyze the intensity variation of light due to  Polarization, interference and diffraction
  • Explain working principle of lasers
  • Explain fundamentals of quantum mechanics and apply to one dimensional motion of particles
  • Calculate Q-value of nuclear reactions and describe particle detectors and accelerators


Course Title: Foundation of Physics

Course Code: PH-16001

Programme: S.Y.B Tech ( Sem -III)

Student should be able to:

  • To solve the classical and wave mechanics problems
  • To develop the understanding of laws of thermodynamics and their application in various processes
  • To formulate and solve the engineering problems on Electromagnetism
  • To aware of limits of classical physics & to apply the ideas in solving the problems in their parent streams


Course Title : Basic Science

Course code: AS: 15001

Program: F Y BTech (Sem -I)

Student should be able to:

  • Formulate general mechanics parameters and distinguish between  central and noncentral forces
  • Explain types of waves and  interference of light
  • Derive thermodynamic parameters and apply fundamental laws to solve thermodynamic  problems
  • Differentiate between the terms atomic number, atomic mass, isotopes etc and apply various rules such as Hunds rule ,octet rules and Bohr’s energy levels
  • Categorize between various environmental pollutants, study  harmful effects of pollutants, elaborate the concepts such as global warming, BOD,COD , ozone depletion and acid rain


Course Title: Semiconductor Physics and Electromagnetism

Course code: PH- 15005

Program: F Y BTech (Sem -II)

Student should be able to:

  • Classify solids on the basis of band theory and to calculate conductivity of semiconductors
  • Explain the working p-n junction diode
  • Determine gradient, divergence and curl of scalar and vector fields
  • To formulate and solve the engineering problems on electromagnetism


Course Title: Solid State Physics & Statistical Thermodynamics

Course code: PH 15003

Program: F Y BTech (Sem -II)

Student should be able to:

  • To analyze the structural properties of elemental solids
  • To calculate  electronic conductivity of solids
  • To apply distribution function to quantum and classical systems
  • To evaluate thermal properties of solids using statistical approch
  • To classify magnetic and supercounducting behavior of solids

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