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Rupa Dalvi






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Educational Qualifications  H.S.C. onwards along with attested copies of marksheet and  certificates


Name of the Institute/ University


Date of passing

Percentage of Marks



Civil Engg.




    Shivaji University,Kolhapur

Civil Engg




Govt. College of Engg,Pune.

Geotech. Engg




Pune University

Civil Engg


September 2016







Area of Specialization: Civil-Geotechnical Engg.


Experience (Teaching, Industrial and Research)

Name of the Employer

Designation and Rank


Length of service

Subject taught/ industrial Experience



Y-   M-   D


Bandal Construction & Bandal-Dhankude Construction Pune


Site Engg

10 Oct.1993

31 May 1994

  0     7     22

Site Engg

Associated Engg.Consultant,


Civil Engg

2 June 1994

31 January 1996

  1     6     28

Junior Civil Engg

ACE AIM Consultant,Pune.

Civil Engg

1 Feb 1997

31 July 1997

  1     5     00

Civil Engg

PDEA’ College of Engg.Hadapsar,Pune


17 August 1998

31 Dec 200


  5     4     19


Govt. College of Engg, Pune


31 Dec 2003

Till date











10    31   93


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National Conference

International Conference

National Journal

International Journal





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R & D







Training program

  1. Completed short term training program on “ Development  of basic teaching Competencies “ during 14/10/04 to 25/10/04 by NTTTR, extension Centre, Pune.
  2. Attended National workshop on Environment, Pollution and development on 24th Sept.2004 arranged by Department of Civil Engg, College of Engg. Pune.
  3. Attended National seminar on “Construction Management- latest trends and development” on 26th & 27th March, 2004 at Military engineering College, Pune.
  4. Attended 5 day programme on “Recent trends in Geo technical engineering” on 17th to 21st October, 2005
  5. Attended 2 days workshop on “Advances in Geo-technical Investigations” on  4th and 5th August, 2006 in Sinhagad College of Engineering, Pune.
  6. Attended one week faculty development  programme on “A graphical programming language LabVIEW and its real life applications”  on 8 th  to 12th  February2010 at College of Engg,Pune.
  7. Attended one week QIP course on “Advances in Geotechnical Engineering ”  on 12 th  to 16th  April 2010 at Indian Institute of Engg., Bombay.
  8. Completed short term training program on “Using IT in Civil Engg.” during 19/07/10to 23/07/10 by NTTTR, extension Centre, Pune.
  9. Completed short term training program on “Conferencing Skills .” during February 2011 by College of Engg, Pune Under TEQIP
  10. Completed short term training program on “Software development technique for teachers of engineering and science institutes..” during 5 Nov  to 4 Dec 2011 by IIT Bombay and MHRD.
  11. Completed short term training program on “Construction Project management .” during 14 May to 25 May 2012 by NITTTR, Pune
  12. Completed short term training program on “Latex in Technical Documentation.” during 12 June to 16 June 2012 by College of Engg, Pune Under TEQIP
  13. Completed short term training program on “Finite element in Engineering .” during 9 July to 13 July 2012 by College of Engg, Pune Under TEQIP
  14. Attended one week QIP course on “Numerical and Experimental modeling in geotechnical Engineering.”  on 4 th  to 9 th  February 11, 2013  at Indian Institute of Engg., Kanpur
  15. Completed short term training program on “Educational Technology for Engineering Teachers.” during 7 January to 07 March 2016 by Indian Institute of Technology , Bombay. (Honour Code certificate.).
  16.  Completed One week QIP course on ,"Treatment of waste : Issues, Challenges and Problem Solving". 21-31 March 2017  at College of Engineering ,Pune
  17. Completed One week QIP course on ,"Recent Advancement in Earthquake Engineering". on 18 th  to 22 th  February, 2019  at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

  18.  Attended  One week GIAN course on ,"Road safety  Engineering". on 24th  to 28 th  June, 2019  at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati.


Date of Joining COEP: 

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Prior to joining COEP Industrial Experience (Years): 


Prior to joining COEP Teaching/Research Experience (Years): 


Area of Research: 

Liquefaction of soil, soil stabilization, triaxial testing and arching in soil 

Courses Taught: 


Number of PhD/ M.Tech/ B.Tech students guided: 

No. of Projects / Thesis  guided:

B. Tech

M. Tech

Ph. D





Research Project & Publication Details: 

National Journal (03)

Dalvi R. S., Bhosale S. S. and Pise P. J. (2005)  “Analysis for Passive Earth Pressure”  in Indian Geotchnical Journal Vol35,No4,Oct 2005   [ISSN NO-0971-955 ]

Dalvi R. S. and Pise P. J. (2012)  “Analysis of arching in soil- Passive state”  in Indian Geotchnical Journal Vol42,No2, April-June 2012   [ISSN NO-0971-955 ]

R.S. Dalvi   and S. R. Pathak (2014), “Liquefaction behavior of sand silt mixture under monotonic loading.”  Technical Journal of  IEI PLC, Vol. 38  Nov. 2014, ISBN No.978-81-924990-2-4.

International Journal (05)

S.R.Pathak and R.S.Dalvi,”Effect of Sample Preparation Method onLiquefaction of Sandy Soil” Electronic Journal of geotechnical Engg.,Vol.16 [2011] Bund. P,1411-1426   [ISSN NO-1089-3032]

Aarti Hiremath and R.S.Dalvi “ Effect of equivalent granular state parameter of sandy silt on residual shear strength using static triaxial test” International Journal of Engineering reaserch  and Technology ,2013 ,Vol 2,issue 12,Dec 2013,2921-2931[ISSN NO:2278-0181]Impact factor 1.76.

S.R. Pathak & R.S. Dalvi (2014), “Effect of sample size on liquefaction of sandy soil.” Recent Trends in Civil Engg and Technology. Vol. 4 [2014], Issue 2,1-8. [ISSN NO 2321-6476].

S.R. Pathak & R.S. Dalvi (June 2015), “Correlation   between laboratory and field liquefaction potential using monotonic triaxial tests.” International Journal of earth sciences and engineering. ISSN No 0974-5904,Volume 08(03),pp  1400-1406.

Rupa  S. Dalvi and Bharat Bombale (2016), " Effect of arching on passive earth pressure for rigid retaining wall in c-f soil." International Journal of advance engineering and research development,Vol.03(12), pp 332-343.

International Conference- (07)

Dalvi Rupa and Pise P.J ( 2008) “Effect of Arching on Passive Earth Pressure” 12th International Conference of International Association of Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG) held at Goa, 1-6 Oct.2008

Pathak S.R. & R.S.Dalvi (2009) “ Assessment of earthquake induced liquefaction” Earthquake Geotechnical Engg. Satellite conference. XVII th Intenational conference on soil mechanics & Geotechnical Engg.,2-3 Oct 2009,held at Alexandria,Egypt.

Pathak S.R.& R.S.Dalvi & Katdare (2010)” Earthquake induced liquefaction using shake table test” Fifth international conference on recent advances in geotechnical earthquake Engg.and soil Dynamics and Symposium in Honor of Professor I.M.Idriss. May 24-29   at SanDiago,California..(Paper No-Paper No.4.16a  accepted and presented)

Pathak S.R. & R.S.Dalvi (2011)” Liquefaction of clean sand using triaxial test.” 14th Pan American Conference on soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engg., Oct 2- 6  2011,Toronta,Ontario,Canada.(Paper No ID 452 accepted )

 R.S.Dalvi and R.S. Kulkarni (2013) ,” Effect of arching on passive earth pressure for rigid retaining wall considering parabolic arch “ International conference on advances development trends in engineering (ICADET) Indore,M.P.ISBN NO 978-93-81693-88-8.

Salman Mulani and R.S.Dalvi (2015), “Behaviour of cellular reinforced sand-silt mixture under monotonic loading”. Accepted and presented  in  5th NIRMA UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENGINEERING, NUiCONE 2015 held at Ahmadabad, Gujrat, 26 - 28 Nov 2015.

Anurag Hirapure and Rupa Dalvi (2018)," Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Expansive Clayey Soil Using Steel Slag." Springer Nature AG 2018, Proceedings of China-Europe conference on Geotehcncial Engineering,SSGG,pp 805-808,2018,,Nienna Austria.(13 - 17 August 2018)

National Conference (07)

Dalvi Rupa and Raval P. M.(2004)  “Materials and their applications in civil Engg (MACE2004)” Presented  paper in National conference on Organized by National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, (Himachal Pradesh) Aug.2004 and published proceeding MACE2004

R.S. Dalvi   and S. R. Pathak (2014), “Liquefaction behavior of sand silt mixture under monotonic loading.”  Annual Technical Paper Meet -2014, Pune Local Centre of The Institution of Engineers (India), October, 18-19 2014.  

Anurag Hirapure and R.S.Dalvi (2017) ," Influence of Steel Slag Addition on Strength characteristics of clayey soil. presented at 6th indian young geotechnical engineers conference organized by national institute of technology tiruchirappalli & indian geotechnical society trichy chapter,10-11 march 2017,nit trichy,india.

4. Rupa Dalvi and niraj sahare(2017), :Behaviour of Cellular reinforced clean sand using Tiaxial tests." Indian Geotechncial conference 2017,GeoNest,14-16 December 2017.


5. G.S.Vyas and R.S.Dalvi (2017),'geotechnical aspects for the protection of sustainble development.'." Indian Geotechnical conference 2017,GeoNest,14-16 December 2017.a Third prize for paper presentation in work shop on Sustainable Geotechnics, at IIT Kanpur.

6. Omkar sugade,r.s dalvi and g.s. vyas, " Sustainability metrics for ground improvement techniques"  sustainable infrastructure development and managenment,sidm-2019 ,vnit, nagpur  22th-23 rd feb 2019.

7. Akansha Srivastavaa*and R.S.Dalvi," Shear behavior of Geotextile reinforced silty sand using static triaxial testing."presented paper 5-7 March 2019 at IIT  Gandhinagar, India IACMAG Symposium 2019

Chapter Published

S.A.Mulani and R.S.Dalvi (2016),” Behaviour of cellular reinforced sand silt mixture under monotonic loading”. Multi Disciplinary Sustainable Engineering: Current and Future Trends,2016 Taylor and Francis Group, London, ISBN 978-1-138-02845-6

Teaching Experience: 


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