For efficient learning of engineering principles, the production department has maintained state of the art labs.

  • CAD/CAM Lab : The CAD/CAM module is linked together into an integrated comprehensive system for the automatic conversion of design data into manufacturing instructions. The Production Department has so far successfully conducted 45 certificate courses in “Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing” and trained more than 1000 practicing engineers in this area.
  • FMS Lab : Machine tools are grouped into production units, which are capable of performing all necessary operations on a certain group of work-pieces.The flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) requires small CNC islands to be joined totether into cells, operated by a number of people with a highly congruent vertical task structure. The department is equipped with three CNC Lathes and three CNC Milling Machines.
  • Fab Lab : The COEP FAB LAB is fully equipped with cutting edge digital fabrication facilities such as computer-controlled laser cutter, for press-fit assembly of 3D structures from 2D parts, larger CNC wood router for making bigger 2D & 3D parts, a vinyl cutter to produce printing masks, flexible circuits and antennas, desktop precision (micron resolution) CNC milling machine to make three-dimensional moulds and surface-mount circuit boards. The lab also provides excellent facilities of various programming tools for low-cost high-speed embedded processors, PCB assembly, programming and testing with an array of microcontrollers and microprocessors.
  • Rapid Prototyping Lab : The Rapid Prototyping Laboratory has facilities for making physical objects directly from CAD models. The FDM (RP) machine is available for experimentation and product development for UG and PG students.
  • Ergonomics Lab : Ergonomics commonly refers to designing work environments for maximizing safety and efficiency. The Ergonomics Lab has research experience in developing methods for measuring human performance, creating models to predict performance and recommending methods or ergonomic interventions for improving overall system safety.

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