Vice Chancellor's Message


Prof .Sunil Bhirud

Vice Chancellor,
COEP Technological University, Pune


Greetings and a very warm welcome to COEPTech!

Stellar accomplishments expand the frontiers of knowledge and scholarship every day. In this era of Globalization of education the obvious focus is on the quality of education.There is no single yardstick of quality. A good educational institution strives continuously for sustenance and enhancement of quality in every field of its activity.

As COEPTech works diligently to realize its mission of providing the best learning, teaching and research opportunities to students and academicians alike, it continues to supply students with the basics of modern knowledge and high values.

The research activities of our faculty lead to an extraordinary enrichment of the experience of our students that is realized at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The research training provided to our graduate students creates the next generation of scholars well-prepared to advance knowledge and transfer technology. The extension of research opportunities to an ever-increasing group of undergraduate students adds a dimension of experience to the undergraduate education that simply cannot be duplicated in the classroom. Our students learn the joy as well as the rigours of new discovery, and acquire skills of inquiry, evaluation, and communication that provide a foundation for the next phases of their careers and lives.

Amongst students’ creativity, collective work and competition domestically, regionally and internationally thrive. COEPTech stands committed to the practice of academic freedom and encourages cultural diversity as it continues to attract students and faculty.

COEPTech is a top-tier Institute in India that boasts a 169 year culture of academic excellence, scientific breakthroughs, and high-tech innovation. I would ask you to take advantage of this great opportunity and join us in our endeavor to actively contribute to the overall improvement of this increasingly globalized society.

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