Laboratories - Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory Equipment details

CAD/CAM/CAE Laboratory

CAD/CAM/CAE Laboratory

Software Installed:

  • AutoCAD


  • Ansys

  • TK Solver Rel. 5.0

  • CFD

  • OptiStruct

Fluid Machinery Laboratory

Pelton Wheel   Francis Turbine

Major Equipment:

  • Pelton Wheel (1947)

  • Francis Turbine (1947)

  • Kaplan Turbine (1947)

  • Gear Pump (1947)

  • Centrifugal Pump Test Rig (1947)

  • Hydraulic Jack

  • Torque Convertor

  • Hydraulic Press (1958)

  • Pneumatic Trainer

  • Hydraulic Trainer

Fuels and Testing Laboratory

Computerized Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig with Eddy Current Dynamometer   Variable Compression Ricardo Engine Test Rig

Major Equipment:

  • Variable Compression Ricardo Engine Test Rig (1960)

  • Computerized Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with Eddy Current Dynamometer

  • Data Acquisition System for Engine Testing

  • 5 Gas Exhaust Analyzer

  • Smoke Meter

  • Calorimeters

  • Carbon Residue Apparatus

  • Redwood Viscometer

  • Saybolt Viscometer

Heat Engines Laboratory

Ruston Diesel Engine

Major Equipment:

  • Ruston Diesel Engine (1960)

  • Two-stage Reciprocating Air Compressor

  • Rocardo Variable Compression Engine with Sensors

Heat Transfer Laboratory

Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus   Emissivity Measurement Apparatus

Major Equipment:

  • Pin Fin Apparatus

  • Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus

  • Forced convection Apparatus

  • Emissivity Measurement Apparatus

  • Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder Apparatus

  • Thermal Conductivity of Liquid Apparatus

  • Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod Apparatus

  • Heat Exchanger Apparatus

  • Dropwise and Filmwise Condensation Apparatus

  • Heat Pipe Apparatus

Kirloskar's I.C. Engine Research Laboratory

Software Installed:

  • AVL suite (Donated by AVL India)

  • Boost

  • Fire

  • Cruise-M

Major Equipment:

  • KOEL Tractor Engine Test Bed (Donated by Kirloskar Oil Engine Ltd)

  • HIL simulator (Ni-PXIe)

  • HONDA Genset Engine Test Bed

  • Hydrogen Supply System

  • IndiModul 621 with Indicom Software

Micro Systems Engineering Laboratory

4-Axis CNC Wire Cut EDM   Fibre Laser System

Major Equipment:

  • 4-Axis CNC Wire Cut EDM along with Software

  • Nd:YAG Pulse Laser System along with 4-Axis CNC Gantry

  • 4-Axis CNC Milling Machine

  • Fiber Laser System

  • Laser Alignment System

  • Micro-Hardness Tester

  • Laser Micrometer

  • Mikrotool Multi-Purpose Machining Centre

Non-Conventional Energy Sources Laboratory

Flat Plate Collector Solar Panel   Parabolic Collector Solar Panel

Major Equipment:

  • Parabolic Collector Solar Panels

  • Flat Plate Collector Solar Panels

  • Wind Mill

  • Solar Cooker

  • Solar Still

  • Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater

  • Pyranometer

  • SPV Panels (80W)

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory

Ice Plant   Cryo-Pump Test Set-Up

Major Equipment:

  • Ice Plant

  • Air Conditioning Plant

  • Split AC Test Rig

  • Cryo-Pump Test Set-Up

  • Vapor Compression Test Rig

  • Cooling Tower Test Rig

  • Air Cooler Test Rig

Steam Technology Centre

Steam Technology Centre

Major Equipment:

  • Babcock & Wilcox Boiler (1957)

  • Impulse Reaction Turbine

  • Surface Condenser

  • Resistance Load Cell

  • Vaporax Boiler

  • Spiral Heat Exchanger

  • Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Shell Heat Exchanger

  • Tube Type Heat Exchanger

  • Packaged Type Boiler (Forbes Marshall)

Stress Analysis Laboratory

2T Universal Testing Machine with Computerized Data Acquisition System   Diffused Light Polariscope

Major Equipment:

  • 2T Universal Testing Machine with Computerized Data Acquisition System

  • Diffused Light Polariscope

  • Strain Indicator

Theory of Machines Laboratory

Balancing of Reciprocating Masses   Gyroscope

Major Equipment:

  • Gyroscope

  • Brake Test Rig

  • Balancing of Reciprocating Masses

  • Wear Test Rig

Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory

Electro-Dynamic Vibration Shaker with Controller and Power Amplifier   Modal Shaker

Major Equipment:

  • Electro-Dynamic Vibration Shaker with Controller and Power Amplifier

  • Modal Shaker

  • 4-Channel Vibration Analyzer

  • Impulse Hammers

  • Miniature Tri-Axial Accelerometers

  • Pressure Field Microphones

  • Vibration Analysis Software

  • Modal Analysis Software

  • Non-Contacting Type Tachometer

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