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About Formula Student
Formula Student competitions are international race-car design challenges that are a prototype of the Formula 1 races, taking place all over the world with Germany, Austria, Italy in the forefront of the Formula Student community. The inception of Formula Student India took place in January 2015 at Coimbatore, with around 50 participating teams. This is an international event which will be held every year in January and is renamed to Formula Bharat for the 2017 event.
Unlike SUPRA, this event has an online qualification quiz in which only the top 50-60 teams are selected for the main event. The judges include stalwarts from Formula Student Germany, having major contribution in the establishment of Formula Student.

Our Aim
International Formula Student (FS) events like FS Germany, FS Italy, FS Spain have been at the top of the rung right from the 1980s. In keeping with this legacy, they are sponsored by various top automotive players including AUDI, OPEL, BMW, DAIMLER, VOLKSWAGEN and BOSCH. Germany and Italy, in particular, are home to some of the top automotive giants who actively support the teams there.
Very few Indian teams participate in these events. Its our dream to go to international FS events and compete against the best FS teams in the world. The basic purpose of going to the event is to experience the latest innovations in the automotive field and be on par with designs of the top international teams. We want to represent our college internationally and extend our legacy to the global platform. We want to prove to the world that engineers from India have substance.


SUPRA SAE-INDIA is a national level race-car design competition sponsored by “Maruti Suzuki” which is a local adaptation of the international Formula Student events. It is organized by SAEINDIA (Society of Automotive Engineers, India). The first one took place in 2011 and is held every year in either Chennai or Greater Noida. The judges are officials from Maruti Suzuki Motorsports, which are headed by German and Russian Formula Student experts. The competition consists of various events; static events like Cost Analysis & Marketing Presentation and dynamic events like acceleration, skidpad etc. The footfall of this event is around 6000 including participants, judges and volunteers.

Our Aim
Around 150 engineering college teams with 4000 students across the country participate in this event. It is a great learning experience to see innovations of budding engineers from every part of India. We also gain a lot by interacting with the experts in the automotive field from Maruti Suzuki and other event sponsors. In the past, Team Octane has won a number of awards at SUPRA including the Best Engineering Design and the Best CAE Award. Our next goal is to achieve top positions in all events at competition.

You can find out more about our achievements in Supra SAE here.