Hostel Facilities


The hostel dates back to 1899, after the College came into existence in 1854. Initially, it was started as a hostel to house the subordinate officers of the Poona Engineering Class & Mechanical School, for carrying out public works like buildings,dams, canals, railways and bridges. Later on, the hostel was known as Poona Civil Engineering College Hostel and,subsequently in the year 1911, the name was changed to the College of Engineering Poona Hostel, popularly known as the COEP Hostel. 

The hostel campus is located in the close proximity of institute campus. The bus as well as railway station (Shivajinagar) are just at 5 minutes walk.



There are ten buildings in the hostel campus. Boys blocks are named as Purandar, Shivneri, Panhalgad, Torna, Raigad, Pratapgad, Sajjangadand Vishalgad. For girls, there are two blocks namely Jijaoo and Kondhana. 'Kondhana' and 'Pratapgad' buildings are two-storied, Vishalgad & Jijaoo buildings are four storied, and remaining buildings are three storied. The hostel campus houses about 1064 boys & 422 girl students. Further it comprises of hostel office, security room, guest house of three rooms, Nine rectors quarters and Director's residence. Student messes are run on co-operative basis.



The students are provided with basic amenities like cot, table, chair, cupboard in their rooms. The rooms are spacious, airy, and illuminated with the surroundings landscaped with greenery. Students common rooms have TV sets and carrom. The water supply is for 24 hours. A generator ensures electric power supply to messes and common rooms.The college gymkhana ground (about 6.5 acres) is near the hostel for playing cricket, hockey, volley ball, foot ball, basket ball, tennis and joagging. The basket ball and tennis courts are floodlit allowing students to play late in the evening. 

There is a computer room with 100 machines for both boys and girls with 48 mbps connectivity. Internet connectivity is also provided in every room. The different operating systems and platforms are made available in computer room. 
The hostel campus maintenance like cleaning /sweeping, pest control is out sourced. The electrical repairs, and security services are round the clock.



A facility of visiting doctor with a separate dispensary block within the hostel premises is available. Separate Doctors are available for boys and girls.


Telephone Booth:

A telephone booth with STD/ ISD facility is available near the H block for girl students.

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