Ramanujan Mathematics Club

The 'Ramanujan Mathematics Club' was founded by Dept. of Mathematics, COEP in 2007. Every year, at least one activity was taken by the club.  Eminent personalities like Dr. Ashok, Deshpande, Dr. Hemant Bhate have given talks in Ramanujan Mathematics Club.

Last year, we started the club's activities with a guest lecture by Prof. Dilip Patil, IISC, Bangalore on 21st Sept. 2013.  In next semester, we organized the screening of documentary “Story of Maths” in two parts in January 2014.

On 4 April 2014, Prof. K.D. Joshi delivered an interesting talk on “How to run a Casino?”

This year also we plan to start our activities in First week of September. Along with guest lectures , this year we are planning to circulate a bulletin containing interesting facts, articles on Mathematics weekly online.

On 6 th Sept 2014, Professor V.M. Sholapurkar, (Head, Dept of Maths, S.P. College, Pune) delivered a lecture on ‘Ramanujan – Life and Work.’

Professor Ambat Vijaykumar (Cochin University of Science and Technology) delivered a lecture on ‘What is happening in Math Sciences-Challenges and Excitements’ on 11 th Nov 2014.

Professor David Hangal (Dept of Statistics, University of Pune) delivered a talk on ‘Reliability Engineering’ on 27 th March 2015.

Professor Sai Jagan Mohan (Sahyadri Valley School) delivered lectures on ‘Applications of Mathematics to Engineering Branches in Mechanical Group’ on 28 th & 29 th Jan. 2016) ]

Prof. Steven Spallone (IISER, Pune) on ‘Jugglology’ on 1 st March 2017.

Prof. Siddharth Bhalerao (S.P. College Pune) delivered a lecture on ‘Kalman Filter’ on 6 th February 2018.

Prof. T.V. Ramanathan (Dept of Statistics, SPPU, Pune) gave a lecture on ‘A Role of Statistics in Engineering’ on 21 st March 2018.

Recently on 10 th Sept 2018, a guest by Prof. Girish Joshi (Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance, Lavale, Pune) on ‘Importance of Finance to Engineering’ is organized and found very good response with huge attendance.

National Conferrence on Pure & Applied Mathematics.

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