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Water Quality pH, hardness, Chlorides, Sulphates, DO, Turbidity

N V Iyer, D S Agrawal


As per IS code Chemical testing

D S Agrawal


Chloride, pH, specific gravity

M Y Khaladkar

Oils, Fuels, lubricants

Viscosity, Ignition point, Cloud and pour point,


M Y Khaladkar

HC oils , Fuels Plastic waste

Calorific value, Specific gravity, viscosity, flash point,

M Y Khaladkar

Thermal analysis

TG, DTA, Thermal conductivity, phase transition temperature, reaction kinetics, water of crystallization for Inorganic, organic, ceramic samples

M Y Khaladkar

Routine analytical procedures

Electro analytical methods,

D S Agrawal

Wet chemical analysis

Volumetry, Gravimetry,

G L Agawane

Instrumental Analysis

UV Vis Spectrophotometer

D S Agrawal




In the Department of Applied Sciences, we have faculty members who are having a long experience and expertise in the fields of Microbiology, Biochemistry, Botany and Environmental Science. Our work spans across core research in microbiology, biotechnology and biomedicine to applied fields like agriculture, environment and nano-biotechnology.


We offer consultancy services in the area of microbial testing, water testing, nanobiotechnology, environmental monitoring. Apart from this we offer consultancy services in implementation of laboratory standards and laboratory accreditation, analytical process development; Analytical Method Development; Process optimization; Bioanalytics; Assay Development. We have well equipped laboratory for microbial cell culture, animal cell culture, molecular biology and nanobiotechnology.


We are also actively involved in the consultancy projects on Environmental Issues. Under this domain we work for environmental audit, impact assessment studies, treatability studies, integrated solid waste management plan and similar compliance for State and Central Pollution Control Boards. We also accept the tasks of biodiversity assessment, environmental and biodiversity report writing. Our association with government and non government agencies is an asset for our functioning. We have handled various third party assessment, expert studies and analysis for court matters etc.

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