Training Modules

Training Programs offered by Psychologists & Language Experts


Other than the consultancy services in pure sciences, the Department of Applied Sciences offers specific modules for training programs, workshops, talks/sessions on a variety of topics from Social Sciences & Languages. The role and importance of continuous training & development of the students and employees have been acknowledged by all reputed institutions as well as by the public and private industrial sector. Especially for the youth/students and young employees or newly recruited personnel, it is imperative that some life skill development activities are planned and conducted. There are plenty of resources that offer similar programs, but it has been observed that the quality of such resources is sometimes questionable.


Our team, which comprises of expert Psychologists & Language Professionals, is extremely dynamic and motivated and we all have been conducting sessions, workshops and training sessions in various settings (please visit our individual profiles for details). All our team members have also been invited for training in areas pertaining to English Language and Psychological Development/Life Skills Development at several reputed places from academia and industry alike. We also create programs that are tailor-made to suit the requirements. It would be our genuine pleasure to offer our experience, skill and services for the strong mental development of students, faculty, employees and of the society at large.

The programs that our team offers are:


Mrs. Tanuja J Kher (Psychology)-

Effective Performance Appraisal, Personal Excellence through Self Awareness (Industry)

Teachers as Mentors, Life Skills for a Happy Life (Teachers & Support Staff)


Dr. Kshipra V Moghe (Psychology)-

“Who am I?” (Self Awareness & Confidence Building), “I Do or Do I?” (Relationship Management), “Feeling Good & Doing Well” (Power of Positive Psychology), “Conscious Parenting” (Positive development of self & child), “Understanding Young Minds” (For school teachers), “Striking a Chord” (Effective teaching for college faculty), "Can I-to-I CAN" (Confidence Building & Motivation), “Towards a Better Outcome” (Psychological approach towards preparation of competitive exams)


Mrs. Aparna S Khandekar (English Language)-

Business English Certificate Training (Students & Professionals), Soft Skills Development Course (Students & Professionals), Communication Skills Development Course (Students & Professionals)


Mrs. Poorva S Kulkarni (Psychology & German Language)-

Basics German Language Development, Work-Life Balance (Industry/Corporate)

German Language Basics, Time Management (Teachers & Support Staff)

How & Why to Study Effectively, Development of Children (Students from Kashmir, Student Population, & Parents)


Mrs. Shalaka D Deshpande (Law & French Language)-

Intellectual Property Rights, Constitution of India, Commercial Law, Ethics, Industrial Relations & Labour Laws, Business Law, International Business Law, Basic French Language Development


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