The Department of Applied Sciences is engaged in teaching following subjects:

Regular Subjects:

1) Applied Chemistry (AC) - (FY B.Tech.)

2) Science of Living Systems (SLS) - (SY B.Tech.)

3) Professional Ethics and Human Values (PEHV) - (SY B.Tech.)

4) Professional Communications (PC) - (SY B.Tech.)

5) Environmental Studies (EVS) - (SY/TY B.Tech. and M.Tech.)

6) Constitution of India (COI) - (TY B.Tech. and M.Tech.)

7) Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) - (B.Tech.and M.Tech.)

8) Humanities (M. Tech.)

9) Liberal Learning Courses (LLC) - (B.Tech.)


Institute Level Open Electives (ILOE)

1) Polymer Technology (B.Tech.)

2) Nanobiotechnology and Bioengineering (B.Tech.)

3) Organizational Excellence (B.Tech.)

4) Engineering Economics (TY B.Tech.)

5) Japanese Language (TY B.Tech.)

6) German Language (TY B.Tech.)

7) Industrial Psychology (TY B.Tech.)

8) Personnel Psychology (TY B.Tech.)

9) Financial Management (TY B.Tech.)

10) English Language Proficiency (TY B. Tech.)

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