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Every Life is Worth Living, Every Breath is Worth Saving


मित्र started as an idea out of the need to provide professional counseling to students who seek help. Our team of Psychology faculty who are trained professionals had been catering to this need as and when students approached; sometimes on their own or sometimes referred to us by their friends or faculty. To make it more comfortable for them, we sought a place where counseling could happen uninterrupted and the facility would be known to all and approachable by all. Hence, the first proposal was put forth through our former Head Dr. Manisha Khaladkar, to our former Director Dr. Anil Sahasrabuddhe, who appreciated the same and guided us to collaborate with the innovation centre. Since thereon, it passed under the scrutiny of several notable guiding sources like, Dr. J A Kher and like but could not take shape for various reasons. With persistent efforts and under the able leadership of our present Head Mrs. Nandini Iyer the proposal finally took shape and went ahead to the authorities. It took just one meeting and one hearing for our Hon. Director Prof. B B Ahuja sir, to not only permit us to start this much needed activity but also immediately call and connect us to the most significant people and contributors, including but not limited to Deputy Director Dr. Mukul Sutaone, the then General Manager Administration Commandant Suresh Karve, the present General Manager Administration (Capt.) Dr. Mahendra Ranjekar, etc. This, ofcourse, would not have been possible without the constant support of all the COEP Faculty and Staff. मित्र was then inaugurated on World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2019, which is celebrated as its Foundation Day.

Our team:

Centre Administrator: Mrs. Nandini Iyer, Head- Applied Sciences Department

Centre Head- Dr. Kshipra Moghe

Senior Advisor- Mrs. Tanjua Kher

Associated Psychologists- Dr. Kshipra Moghe, Mrs. Tanuja Kher

External experts on the panel: Dr. Bharati Chopra (Clinical Psychologist), Dr. Himani Kulkarni (Psychiatrist-Poona Hospital), Ms. Vaishali Girame (Psychometric Assessment)

Core team members who manage the entire functioning- Our strong and dedicated team of COEP students

मित्र stands for a friend and that’s what we aim to be. Every life is worth living and every breath is worth saving, is the philosophy that मित्र profess. As part of मित्र, we run 5 initiatives that make मित्र a place for all. Every year a registration form is sent out to students and they join our team with renewed energy and a motivation to help others and be a part of the change the world needs. These modules try to cover as many things as possible and we strongly believe that there is always a chance for improvement provided we look for it. Constructive and productive suggestions are most welcome by everyone. So, join our workforce; let us build a strong team and contribute in creating not only world class engineers but empathetic and virtuous human beings that would take our nation forward.



1.Professional Psychological Counseling - Our associate expert Dr. Bharati Chopra, an experienced Clinical Psychologist, is available in the मित्र room (first floor of the Academic Complex) every Saturday from 1 to 4pm to help students who seek counseling.  Other than Dr. Chopra, our internal counselors continue to counsel students as before, depending on their choice and preference at a mutually convenient date and time.


2. I Care We Care - This initiative is basically to organize bonding sessions between senior students and the juniors, especially the first years. All the passionate and dedicated group of student mentors who are willing to help the new comers and fellow mates are a part of this initiative. This initiative incorporates taking a lead to reach out to fellow mates, try to make them open up, provide support, identify resources that may help, becoming a bridge between them and the resource, taking follow-ups and basically staying connected. This activity has run successfully so far with the help of a very proactive and dedicated team who will share their personal experiences with all those who wish you expand the team further.


3. I Learn - This incorporates training sessions or workshops are arranged based on the need and demand of the students. This include topics such as (but not limited to) spreading awareness and explaining Mental Health and its importance, sensitivity training, time management, stress management, career choices, decision making, confidence building, understanding anxiety and depression, etc.


4. OpenSpace- This is a one of a kind activity which is similar to a listening circle that invites students to discuss OPENLY about select topics. There are times when we wish to discuss things and share views about topics that are otherwise too difficult, tabooed, or complex. Listening circles are a great way to collaborate, express and listen without judging and without being judged. This is for the un-like minded people to become like minded. The thrust of this activity is on Listening, a skill that is highly underrated and is highly necessary.


5. Insights- This part focuses on conducting research studies primarily related to mental health and behavioural aspects, since without a factual information and confirmation of assumptions, everything is a fantasy while life is not. To understand the behaviour of students and identify what works and what doesn’t, Insights invite all those who have a research aptitude and are interested in studying behaviour, for it requires a scientific mind to unwind the machine called mind.


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