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Infrastructure & Facilities in Applied Science Department


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Chemistry Laboratory



The department has all the basic Instruments required for Chemistry, Environmental Science laboratory glassware and Instruments required for material synthesis, characterization and industrial testing. The facilities include Water Analyzer Kit, Water Demineralization Plant, Microprocessor Based pH meter, R O based Water Purifier, Afcoset Electronic Balance, Lab Guard Fume hood, Inert high temperature work platform, Ball mill, Hydraulic Pellet press and die set, Flame photometer, Colorimeter, 979 VA Computrace– Cyclic voltameter, High temperature furnace, Muffle Furnace, Thermogravimetry analyzer, Differential Thermal analyzer. Autoclave , Incubator, Hot air oven, bomb calorimeter, Flame photometer, Gas sensor assembly, Apparatus for Fractional Distillation, etc.

Faculty in Charge: Dr. Manisha Y.Khaladkar



Language Laboratory


The language lab offers a platform for students and Faculty members to enrich their communication skills with the help of software applications available in the lab such as Renet Language Studio, ESPOIR Interview Simulator, ESPOIR Spoken English, ESPOIR English through Science and Technology, etc. It also helps students to practise various international level exams in Business English and TOFEL, GRE

Faculty in Charge: Prof. Mrs. Aparna Khandekar



Applied Biology Laboratory

The Applied Biology laboratory is recently started in the Department. The research focus is integrating Bioengineering, Nanotechnology with Life sciences. The current research projects are on diagnostics and biosensing for hospital borne and water borne infections and metabolic disesases. The aim is to develop Point-of-Care devices for prognosis, diagnosis and monitoring of dieseaes integrating nanomaterials.

The laboratory also gives hands-on experience to under-graduate and post-graduate students to carry out short-term projects and practicals.

The lab is having microbial culture laboratory, refrigerated centrifuge, PCR, electrochemical workstations, Biosafety cabinets. The department is planning to develop a state-of-the art laboratory for Nano-Biotechnology and Bioengineering.

We have also started with Animal Tissue Culture and Molecular Biology Lab with equipments like Biosafety cabinet, CO2 incubator, Centrifuges, plate readers, Gel electrophoresis set-up.

Faculty in Charge: Dr. Mahesh Shindikar, Dr. Mahendra Ranjekar, Dr. Anup Kale


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