Mission, Vision, Core Values & Goals.


  • To be a student centric institute imbibing experiential, innovative and lifelong learning skills, addressing societal problems.
  • To promote and undertake all-inclusive research and development.
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial attitude and values amongst Learners.
  • To strengthen National and International, Industrial and institutional collaborations for symbiotic relations.
  • To mentor aspiring Institutions to unleash their potential, towards nation building.


To be a Value based Globally Recognized Institution ensuring academic excellence and fostering Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Attitude.

Core Values (S T E E R)

  • Strength
  • Truth
  • Endurance
  • Ethics
  • Reverence for All



Goals: COEP @ 2022

    1) To be a globally recognized Engineering institution in top 500 bracket.

    2) To attain 25 % growth in terms of intake capacity with UG:PG ratio of50:50 and 200 % Growth in research leading to Ph.D’s

    3) To accomplish 200 % growth in research outcomes in terms of Quality Publications in Tier-I journals & conferences, Patents, Sponsored R&D Projects, Technology Products, Books & Monograms etc.

    4) To establish 5 collaborative Finishing Schools to impart high-end technical skills for enhancing employability and 2 industry-partnered Incubation Centers for encouraging entrepreneurship.

    5) To have a 25 % of Student Population opting to be either the First Generation Entrepreneurs and/or pursuing higher studies at Institutes of repute.

    6) To be a Multi-faculty Campus, establishing 5 multidisciplinary research centers in diversified areas, and 5 interdisciplinary academic programs.

    7) To be 100 % self-sustainable campus, wherein accommodation is provided for All students and at least 30% faculty.

    8) To attract foreign faculty from reputed Universities/Industries to the tune of 5 % of total faculty strength.

    9) To design and develop Digital Ecosystem, to collaborate,communicate and connect with stakeholders.

  10) To mentor 10 aspiring institutes with potential to transform,towards an elite status.


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