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Department of Civil Engineering



Head of Department : 

Professor​ Dr. Parag  Sadgir

Phone No : 02025507200
Fax : 02025507299

Email : hod.civil@coep.ac.in


On behalf of all our faculty, staff and students, I welcome you to one of the oldest departments in the country, Civil Engineering Department at COEP Technological University Pune. The Department has been running the UG program since its inception and 5 PG programs in Construction Management, Environment & Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Transportation Engineering. It has a 169-year-long history of technical education.

My vision is to develop constructive thinking and analytical capabilities in every student of the Civil Engineering Department. As a Head of the Department, I am incredibly proud of our role in providing high-quality education and hands-on experience to our students. Since its inception in 1854, the Civil Engineering Department has earned a tremendous reputation for its qualitative teaching-learning process, meaningful teacher-student interactions, state-of-the-art laboratories and well-qualified faculty, positively contributing to the community through teaching, research and consultancy activities. It houses well-equipped laboratories and up-to-date computational facilities.

With a well-planned mission and the untiring efforts of our highly committed faculty, staff and students, the Department strives to become a centre of excellence in technical education and research. Our Department is constantly working towards the all-around skill development of our students by organizing guest lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and career service events facilitated by national and international experts.

The Department is always enthusiastic about conducting various courses and workshops for the faculty and students and training programs for working professionals to get exposed to technological advances. All undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars can participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities leading to complete personal growth.

The Department hosts diverse and interdisciplinary research encompassing Green Buildings, Regional and urban planning, GIS, Computational Mechanics, Pavement Technology, Soil stabilization, Efficient cleaning systems, Earthquake Engineering, and Distribution systems. The Department also has excellent testing facilities in material testing, soil testing, environmental engineering, and testing of pavement materials. The collection of rare specimens in the Geology Laboratory is converted into a museum. The state-of-art Plumbing Laboratory is the main attraction on the campus for visitors interested in distribution systems.

Being a mother of all engineering streams, Civil Engineering nearly engulfs all other streams. Standing in the most diversified field, it has its own challenges to cope with fast-developing technological advancements. Over the decades, the Civil Engineering Department has significantly contributed as a facilitator for the industry and society to remain in tune with time. The Department has produced alumina have contributed to the success of many top industries and companies. The student's design projects and research take up real-world challenges along with the various industries and laboratories. Our students have the skills and experience needed to succeed in the field.



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