Vision, Mission & Goals


  • To be one of the best in the country by developing globally competent engineers, motivated entrepreneurs, prospective researchers, and aspiring academicians.



  • To create globally competent students having ability to design, develop and test world class software, keeping pace with the latest technological developments.

  • To promote continuous learning, all-inclusive research in core and emerging areas.

  • To inculcate the spirit of inquiry, professionalism, team work, innovation and entrepreneurship among the students.

  • To exchange expertise with industry, academic and research organizations.

  • To imbibe ethical and social values among students.



  • Establish minimum three state of art research laboratories in the contemporary areas such as

    • Natural Language Processing

    • Multimedia and Communication

    • Data Warehousing

    • High Performance Computing

    • Bioinformatics

  • Enable all students to pursue their chosen career paths such as higher education, entrepreneurship and placement in reputed organizations.

  • To have 80% faculty members with Ph.D. qualification by 2022

  • At least 5 publications in reputed international journals/conference every year.

  • Execute industry/R&D projects with annual 10% growth rate.

  • Introduce a new postgraduate program in a contemporary area by 2022.


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