The various clubs of CoEP provide the students the much-cherished opportunity to come together to discuss and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Here, there’s something for everyone!

The Astronomy Club is for the astro-enthusiasts. It organises regular star-parties, wherein the students get a chance to star-gaze and learn more about the dark and starry vastness.

If you are a quizzing enthusiast, the Boat Club Quiz Club is the place for you. It’s the open-to-all quiz club, with quizzing enthusiasts meeting at the Boat Club on weekends to “pick each others’ brains”.

The Debating Club of CoEP is one of the famous ones. With separate groups for marathi and english, the debate club is known for its ability to make a point and to make it well.

The Robot Study-Circle is the robotics club of CoEP. It participates in the annual ‘Robocon’. It also conducts workshops for students.

The club for budding entrepreneurs is E-Cell - the Entrepreneurship Club. It organises a week-long event every year, also holding seminars by eminent business personalities.

The college is also active in promoting awareness about not just the environment but also about social development of the less-fortunate through it’s environmental club, Janeev.

The Satellite Team is currently working on building a pico-satellite, with the aim of improving communication in the coastal areas.

CoFSUG, the CoEP Free Software Users Group, is for the 'free software' enthusiasts. It aims at propounding the free software philosophy not just in CoEP but in other colleges as well.

The oldest technical club of CoEP, the HAM Club conducts workshops in CoEP as well as in other colleges, apart from providing the technical link during the college events.

Spandan is a CoEP students' initiative which is now an NGO. It has conducted many programs such as the river-cleaning project. It also periodically conducts blood-donation camps among other things.

For all the history enthusiasts, CoEP has it’s History Club. It conducts a week-long lecture series which witnessed talks by emenint personalities.

The latest addition to the many clubs of CoEP is Aero Zealous, the club for RC plane enthusiasts.

CoEP believes that encouraging a proactive exchange of ideas is the way to success. The many clubs of the college resonate this philosophy.


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